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Financial Education for Kids that Starts with a Song!

by Team Sammy

Songs Are An Effective Way to Teach Kids About Money

In a world where financial literacy is increasingly crucial, instilling money management skills and money habits in children from a young age is paramount. Yet, traditional methods of financial education often fall short of engaging young minds. That's where the power of music comes in. We strongly ecourage parents, educators, and trainers to take advantage of its magnetic appeal. Teach your children and students about personal finances using songs.

Start by introducing chidren to the Sammy Rabbit money tune titled "Get in the Habit!" It is catchy and memorable. You will know it immediately. If there is any "magic" or a "secret sauce" in financial literacy education it is the song Get in the Habit. It has been field tested and worked with amazing results all over the world. It will instantly stimulate kids interest in thinking and talking about making good money choices. And, its main money message is life transforming when acted upon - get in the habit of saving money.

Then, explore the entire Sammy Rabbit series of money songs.

Incorporating music into financial education makes learning engaging and enjoyable for everyone!

Follow Up the Songs with a Discussion and Activities

After listening to each tune, read, and discuss the song lyrics with your kids and students. The blogs listed below include lyrics and ideas on how and what money lessons to teach.

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  2. Sammy Money Song Lyrics - Big Ol' Dream

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  4. Sammy Money Song Lyrics - Make Your Choices Count

  5. Sammy Money Song Lyrics - S-A-V-E

  6. Sammy Money Song Lyrics - Show My Family the Way

  7. Sammy Money Song Lyrics - Anyone Can Be Rich!

  8. Sammy Money Song Lyrics - Budget

  9. Sammy Money Song Lyrics - Wants and Needs

  10. Sammy Money Song Lyrics - Lemonade Stand

  11. Sammy Money Song Lyrics - No Free Rides  

  12. Sammy Money Song Lyrics - The Secret

  13. Sammy Money Song Lyrics - Don't Spend More Than You Make!

Have Keep Kids Learning

Now that you have the financial education ball rolling, keep kids learning and their personal finance knowledge going and growing! Enroll them in Sammy’s Money School. We offer Free, low-cost Premium, and Sponsored memberships.

Companion Reads, Listens, and Resources

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