Sammy Rabbit’s Money School!

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Sammy Rabbit’s Money School

This is the place where kids 6+ discover their dreams, learn about money, and develop the great habits and life skills to make them come true!

The Vision, Goals and Big Dream

– Make it easy for anyone, anywhere to access quality early age financial literacy education resources and experiences year round

– Shape children’s habits, thinking, attitudes, feelings and behaviors at early ages before they form bad ones that devastate or diminish their dreams and futures

– Build kids habits and skills. Guide them on to the path to sustained life success and greater financial freedom, stability and security

– 1 million members worldwide by 2024 creating the foundation for sustainable systemic and generational change

Let’s End Financial Illiteracy

Let’s help inspire and build kids dreams, money habits and life skills. Let’s help kids bring more purpose to their lives and the lives of their family members and communities!

Together, we can – one step, one child, one family, one community, one activity, one educational experience at a time, day-in, day-out!

Fun Family Learning

KIDS, parents, teachers (and all members) will be able to attend and have access to a minimum of:

…12 “LIVE” online experiences via Zoom led by award winning author and financial educator Sam X Renick (one per month – between 30 to 60 minutes)

… 52+ instruction and education videos

… 12 karaoke style sing-a-long song music videos

… 140 downloadable activities

The Money School
Sing. Dance. Learn about personal finance –
And how to make your big dreams come true!

KIDS will have the opportunity to:

… build their own Dream Big Money Journal and Dream Big Money Dictionary

… learn, laugh, sing, dance, read, write, brainstorm stories and songs!

Kids will learn about:

Saving | Earning | Spending | Giving | Making Choices | Interest & Compound Interest | Budgeting | Wants and Needs | You Can’t Get Something for Nothing | Dream Big | Goal Setting | Planning

AND, that is not all! Kids will also have the chance to participate in:

…”cash” prize contests, drawings, the member benefit discount program, Sammy Storytime, Sammy’s Reading and Writing Club, and more!

Enroll today!

Acquiring personal finance habits and skills are essential to sustained success – PERIOD! They transform lives. They are the key to having more financial security, stability and independence – freedom.

Mastery requires knowledge and practice. The Money School provides a large variety of activities to build kids money habits and skills all year long!

Get an early bird discount on a 1 year subscription into Sammy Rabbit’s Money School!

It is a Sammyriffic gift for kids, families, schools, non-profits, employees and members of your community with children ages 6 and up!

One Year Membership

1 Membership: $12* | Regularly $24

…25 Memberships: $9 ea.* | Total $225 | Regularly $450

…100 Memberships: $6 ea.* | Total $600 | Regularly $1,000

…500+ Memberships – Contact us for quote.

*Discount applies through June 30, 2021

A Few of the Things Kids Can Do in Sammy’s Money School!

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Sam X Renick is a children's Author, Co-Creator of Sammy, Award Winning Financial Educator & Double Bottom Line Entrepreneur!

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