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Sammy's Big Dream

Sammy is determined to make a big dream come true. He wants to ride the world’s first outer space rollercoaster. Can he earn and save enough money to do it?

Co-Branded Activities
Sammyriffic Set

160 Co-Branded activities. Yours to keep, copy, and give away forever!

Dream Big Music

“Toe tapping music…will have everyone in the family…singing along. This is truly entertaining and a learning experience.” Dove Foundation Review

Dream Big Tour

You’ve never seen anything like it! Author Sam X Renick and Sammy Rabbit are on the road and getting kids in the habit of saving money and reading.

Free Resources

Saving is a Great Habit coloring
Saving is a Great Habit - Coloring Book

16 pages of Sammyriffic coloring activities. Packed with lessons about saving, spending smart, and dreaming big!

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Get in the Habit - Song and Activitiy Book
Get in the Habit - Song and Activity Book

8 page activity book with activities for the song, "Get in the Habit!". Coloring, crosswords, word searches, and more!

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Sammy's Big Dream - Read and Color
Sammy's Big Dream - Read and Color

Sammy's Big Dream read and color edition. Read the story and color the images!

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