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You'll find it easy to teach kids great money habits with Sammy songs, stories, and activities. They stick in kids heads and hearts!

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Learning with Sammy is fun for everyone!

His magic? He makes it easy and fun for you to talk to and teach kids about great money habits, big dreams and more!

Sammy's Big Dream held up by kids at Malabar Elementary School

For parents, teachers, community and youth leaders

Kids like and trust Sammy. Adults do too. Check out his free and low cost financial literacy resources. Teach a great money habit today. Empower a child and family forever!

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Krista Cavalieri with Sammy's Big Dream on Goodmorning Ohio

For professionals, businesses, and non-profits

Everyone wins with Sammy! Families, schools, communities, clients get educational resources and experiences that engage and empower kids. You create and deepen relationships, receive recognition and brand exposure, and contribute to a social enterprise with a vital mission.

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Sing, dance, learn personal finance!

Sammy has a ton of toe tapping tunes kids love! It's all a part of his unique and infectious financial literacy experience.

Get in the Habit!
Get in the Habit!
Big Ol' Dream
Big Ol' Dream

Sammy Rabbit Live!

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Sammy has five Dream Big Initiatives, each has its own specific mission. His current focus is on his Dream Big Read and Resource Initiative. The mission is to have 1 million children between the ages of 5 and 8 receive and read his story book Sammy’s Big Dream by the end of 2020.

Pilot test Sammy’s Big Dream today. Check out the Sammy's Training Center for a FREE instructor guide. Let’s accomplish the mission!

The story book invites children to: dream big; plan and set goals; earn and get in the habit of saving money take the Dream Big Pledge.

View directory of participants and results from the 1st National Dream Big Read!

Inspiring Stories!

Inspiring stories of leaders who use Sammy resources to talk to and teach kids about great money habits, big dreams, and essential skills that build the foundation for a lifetime of success. Read more.

Amy Vetrone donates Sammy's Big Dream to classroom
Amy Vetrone

Amy Vetrone

Amy gifted a classroom at St. John Lutheran School in Berlin, Wisconsin with a set of Read & Color Bundles. She also led them in a Dream Big Financial Education experience. Read about her experience.
Patrina Dixon reads Sammy's Big Dream to kids
Patrina Dixon

Patrina Dixon

Patrina partnered with United Way to lead a Dream Big Financial Education experience at a local elementary school. She donated Sammy’s Big Dream story books to the class of students. Read about her first experience and her second experience.