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Let's learn, make dreams come true and grow rich together. Great habits will do that for you. Let's do it. Let's get to it!
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Sammy's Big Dream - Story and Activities

Read the storybook yourself, listen to the author, or listen to the audio version of Sammy's Big Dream. Complete activities to build your money, reading, writing and creative skills!

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Listen to music that will help you multiply your money and make big dreams come true. Complete activities.

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Dream Big Journal

What's your big dream? Are you ready to make it come true? Then let's get to it! The Dream Big Journal is here to help you do just that. With our fun and exciting activities, you'll learn how to develop good habits, stay motivated, and set achievable goals.

Our mission is to help you become the best version of yourself and achieve your biggest dreams. Begin your awesome journey now. Start by creating your Dream Big Journal Cover.

The Dream Big Journal series is updated regularly with new activities. So keep coming back and making deposits into your journal.

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Decode & Sing

Discover Sammy Rabbit's recipe to riches. Search out secret money messages. Sing songs, solve puzzles, and complete activities.

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All Star Readers

Grow your money skills! Listen to fun stories and complete the activities.

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