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Sammy Rabbit's Money School is a treasure trove of activities, stories, songs, videos, arts, crafts, live virtual experiences, and challenges to learn all about money, the secret strategies of the rich and wealthy, as well as the habits that will help you make your dreams come true!

Sammy Rabbit resources and experiences stress "habit" formation around a variety of basic personal finance concepts, life skills and attitudes we all need to master to become self-sufficient as well as predictably increase, sustain and grow success. Concepts, life skills and attitudes resources address:

  • Money Habits: Saving, Earning, Spending Smart, Giving Wisely, Budgeting, Compound Interest, Investing

  • Life Skills: Goal Setting, Planning, Tracking and Measuring Progress, Reading, Writing, Listening, Critical Thinking, Choice-making

  • Attitudes: Dream big - do big - one step at a time; You can do it, now get to it; Determination - Not giving up to easily

Additionally, Sammy Rabbit's Money School offers instructions, curriculum, tips and training for parents, teachers, and instructors. Our initial launch in February 2023, offers site users over 3 hours of FREE content and over 30 hours of PREMIUM content. Thereafter, content will be added to the site on a regular basis.

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Sammy Rabbit's Money School.

Teaching kids great money habits just got easy and fun!

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