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Welcome to Sammy Rabbit's Money School, where teaching children essential money habits is made easy.

Sammy's mission is to empower kids and families to create better and brighter futures through the formation of great money habits.

Sammy envisions strong families with capable kids who possess the knowledge, habits, and skills necessary to lead successful and purpose-filled lives. That is exactly what great habits will do for anyone, anywhere. That includes money habits. This is especially true when those habits are formed at early ages in life!

Sammy Rabbit's Money School is the vehicle and platform for executing the mission and realizing the vision.

The School provides a wealth of financial education and life skills resources to parents, teachers, trainers, and children that are designed to make learning about personal finance fun, effective and efficient.

The School's treasure trove of tools include captivating stories, catchy songs, interactive activities, comprehensive lesson plans, live online events, contests, games, prizes, and unique programs. Kids are able to build their own Dream Big Journals, listen to All Star Readers, and discover secret money messages via Sammy's Decode and Sing Series!

We believe that financial literacy education should be accessible to everyone. That's why the Money School offers a variety of membership plans. This ensures high-quality financial literacy education is available to all.

Join Sammy Rabbit's Money School today!

Give yourself and your children the opportunity to form the money habits and acquire the essential life skills that will enable each of you to build a better, brighter and more secure future.

START NOW with one of the following MEMBERSHIP PLANS:

MORE OPTIONS: Sammy Rabbit's Money School also offers alternative membership plans tailored to organization preferences and needs, ensuring accessibility and flexibility for all learners.





QUESTIONS: If you have any questions about Sammy Rabbit's Money School or its membership plans, including alternative membership plans, CONTACT Sammy Rabbit!

Membership Overview

Sammy Rabbit’s Money School offers both free and premium memberships. This ensures that high-quality financial literacy education resources, services and experiences are available and accessible to all, regardless of their financial circumstances.

FREE memberships offer everyone a wide range of excellent materials, tools, and resources to help children learn basic money management concepts, habits and skills. FREE Members get access to:

  • 95 of 440 activities and videos in the school

  • Limited parent and instructor lesson plans

  • Select special experiences, contests, prizes, etc.

PREMIUM memberships offer those who desire an even more comprehensive and enriched learning experience additional materials, tools, resources and services to teach children and help them learn basic money management concepts, habits and skills all year round.

By subscribing to our premium membership plan, subscribers gain access to exclusive content, advanced features, personalized support, special experiences, and a vibrant community of like-minded individuals. PREMIUM Members get access to:

  • All 440 activities and videos in the school

  • All parent and instructor lesson plans

  • All special experiences, contests, prizes, etc.

Let's get kids, families and communities financially literate. Let's get them forming the money habits that will put them on the path to predictably and reliably advancing their financial stability, security, independence, freedom, wealth and wellness!

Check In Frequently

Check in with Sammy Rabbit frequently. We will be regularly adding new activities and services to "The Money School" as well as making announcements regarding contests and special experiences!