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All Star Readers series cover.

All Star Readers

Nurture children's financial literacy and grow their money skills! Let them dive into captivating storybooks narrated by Sammy Rabbit's All Star Readers. These books make learning about money matters fun and relatable for the whole family.

After listening, encourage children to complete the activities that go along with each story and deposit them in their Sammy Rabbit Dream Big Journal!

Have a fantastic time reading, talking about and teaching kids to have great money habits, attitudes, mindsets and management skills!

Age Level
  • 7+
  • Money Management ,
  • Habits ,
  • Choices ,
  • Earning ,
  • Compound Interest ,
  • Entrepreneurship ,
  • Giving ,
  • History ,
  • Spend Smart ,
  • Dreams
  • Reading ,
  • Comprehension