Programs In Development for Online Money School

Oh Yeh. It’s On! Year Round Fun Family Edutainment

Take a peek below at some of the first programs in development for Sammy Rabbit’s online Money School!

(1) Special Guest All Star Reader Program (2) Build Your Own Dream Big Journal (3) Decode Sammy’s Secret Money Message (4) Dream Big with Sammy Podcast (5) Live Experiences (6) Karaoke Song Videos (7) NEW Songs in Development (8) Downloadable Activities (9) Instruction Videos.

And lots more fun family edutaining content on the way like Funny & Sunny Money Sentences!!!


Krista Cavalieri, CFP ® and Mom from Columbus, Ohio reads the Berenstain Bears: Dollars and Sense!

Jamie Bosse, CFP ®, Mom and children’s author from Manhattan, Kansas reads her own book: Milton the Money Savvy Pup!

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Big Ol’ Dream | Get in the Habit | Plan | Make Your Choices Count | S-A-V-E | Show My Family the Way | Anyone Can Be Rich | Budget | Wants and Needs | Lemonade Stand | No Free Rides | Shake My Hand | The Secret | Don’t Spend More Than You Make


Which Song Should We Finish First?

Below are four of twelve to fifteen new songs Sammy is working on.

These songs “in development.” In other words, they are “drafts” and have not been finalized.

Tell us how we are doing. Let us know what you think. Let us know which song should we finish first! Email us your choice.

We welcome your thoughts and suggestions.




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