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Financial Literacy Education Project Ideas for 2024

by Team Sammy

All Invited

Financial literacy is crucial to the well-being of children, families, and communities.

IF you are community leader seeking engaging and effective ways to educate and equip individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate the complexities of personal finance, we invite you to join forces and collaborate with Team Sammy on one or more early age, youth, and/or family financial literacy education projects!

We welcome you to leverage our 25 years of field experience. We would be delighted to make it fun and easy for you to teach and talk to kids and families about money as well as:

  • contribute to your community by expanding access to exceptional financial education resources and programs

  • grow your network, brand, and business in the process.

Projects of all sizes and scope are of interest to us; no-cost, small, large, local, regional and global. Below, find a list of project ideas to kickstart our collaborative brainstorming. These ideas are flexible and can be tailored to accommodate any budget and impact goal.

AND, for those interested in Signature Initiatives and creating HUGE IMPACT in 2024, connect with Team Sammy now and ask about our list of GAME CHANGING IDEAS!

List of Project Ideas

  1. Lead a Sammy Rabbit Financial Education Experience in your community. Do it for a group of children, a classroom, a school, or an entire community. 

    • For grades Pre-K to or ages 5 to 8 lead and deliver an It's a Habit Sammy Rabbit Financial Education Reading Experience.

    • For grades Grades 2 to 5 or ages 7 to 12 lead and deliver a Sammy Rabbit Dream Big Financial Education Reading Experience.   

    • For all ages - lead and deliver a Sammy Song and Dream Big Financial Education Activity Experience. You can also combine the Song and Activity Experience with a Reading Experience!

  2. Provide custom, co-branded financial education resources to kids, classrooms, families, schools, non-profits, clients and prospects.

  3. Give children, families, and schools access to "7-24" financial education learning in Sammy Rabbit's Online Money School.

  4. Collaborate on a Sammy Rabbit Teen or College Led Community Service Project. 

  5. Bring an Author and/or Character Virtual Financial Education Experience to your network and/or community 

    • Virtual Read and/or Meet and Greet

    • Virtual Parent Webinar or Train the Trainer Webinar

  6. Be Featured to the Sammy Rabbit Network.

  7. Be a Host City Anchor Sponsor for a Sammy Rabbit Live Dream Big Tour Stop!

Contact Sammy

Contact us to brainstorm a financial literacy education project for 2024!

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