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Sammy Money Song Lyrics - The Secret

by Team Sammy

The Secret

Parents have your kids read the lyrics to the Sammy Rabbit money song titled, The Secret!

Music is a fun, easy and time efficient way to talk to and teach kids about money! It is also a Sammyriffic way to celebrate great money habits. Music and singing bring joy and energy to the money lesson learning process.

7 Step Money Lesson for Kids Who Like Music on The Secret - Saving is a Great Money Habit!

Here are seven simple steps that will have parents, teachers and trainers talking to and teaching young kids about money in no time at all and specifically to not spend more than they make or spend less than they earn or receive!

Step 1. Read Song Lyrics Together


I'll tell you something that you ought to know

A little secret that is good as gold

It's so easy anyone can nab it


Saving is a great habit, ask Sammy Rabbit

Saving is a great habit, ask Sammy Rabbit

Saving is a great habit, ask Sammy Rabbit

Now you know the secret go out get at it

Saving is a great habit, ask Sammy Rabbit


Tell you something that works every time

A little treasure that you can find

If you want it reach out and grab it



Share the secret from shore to shore

You save a little then you save some more

If you can keep it, then you can have it



Saving is a great habit (Repeat 4X)

Step 2. Listen to the Song

Now listen to the song The Secret together. Listen as many times as you like!

Step 3. Discuss Song

The song lyrics call attention to a big money secret - saving is as great habit! Have a discussion with your child, children or students about the song. Ask them what lyrics from the song they like the most and why.

For example, I love the lyrics:

"... Saving is a great habit..."

"... A little secret that is good as gold..."

"... You save a little then you save some more..."

Step 4. Activities

If you are a premium Sammy Rabbit Money School member, have your child, children or students complete one or all of the activities that accompany the song The Secret!!

If you are not a premium School member, join. This is a wonderful way to support Sammy's mission to bring financial literacy education to kids and families across the world.

If you are Free member, listen to more music from Sammy's Song Series. And keep having discussions with your parents and teachers about the money habits shared in the songs.

Step 5. Review and Discuss Activities

After your child, children or students has completed the activities for the song The Secret!, review and discuss them together.

Step 6. Deposits

Applied knowledge is powerful and life transforming.

  • Give your child or children opportunities to earn and save money.

  • Make a deposit with your child or children into a piggy bank, savings jar or into a savings account at the financial institution of your choice. Get them in the habits of earning and saving money. Oh yes!

  • Have your child deposit the activities they complete into their Dream Big Journal!

Step 7. Keep Learning

Sammy Rabbit says:

Always be learning! You can do it. Now, get to it! Have a Sammyriffic time!

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Let's get kids financially literate, their families and communities too.

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Contact Sammy


We welcome your questions, suggestions, thoughts about Sammy Rabbit and his mission to get kids, families & communities financially literate.

Your friends in early age, youth and family financial literacy education for the last 20+ years and counting, Team Sammy!

Have a Sammyriffic day!

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