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Financial Wellness Benefit Provides Competitive Edge

Set your enterprise apart. Incorporate a world class financial literacy education benefit for kids into your wellness program. Do it today for pennies per participant.

Partner with Sammy Rabbit!

Sammy Rabbit and partners are bringing early age financial literacy to families.

Gain a competitive edge. Partner with Sammy Rabbit.

Inclusive, Holistic Financial Wellness

Advance mental health and well-being for the whole family. Reduce a common source of stress that can decrease absenteeism while increasing organization loyalty. Contribute to sustained, growing and generational family success. Give yourself and families a competitive edge.

Wealth of Field-Tested Resources

Give your members premium access to Sammy Rabbit's Money School! The School contains a treasure trove of world-class financial education resources that makes parenting easier and reduces a source of family stress.

Increased Engagement & Participation

Unique Sammy Rabbit content, custom communications, special live & virtual programs will increase employee engagement and participation. Users will learn and be inspired by Sammy's Dream Big Journal Program, All Star Reader Series, Childhood Money Memory Interviews, Contests and more!

Resources Feature Your Brand

When users access resources your name, logo, and url will accompany them both online and when downloaded! Wherever the resources go, your brand goes too! 

Let's talk about your financial wellness program.

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