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Financial Education for Kids that Starts with a Song!

by Team Sammy

Fun and Effective Learning

With children (and adults), a song is a sensational way to start a learning experience.

It is fun and effective. See for yourself. Follow these simple steps to get started.

Step 1 - Listen to "this" Song

Listen to the song Get in the Habit!

Do it as a family or a classroom!

If there is any "magic" or a "secret sauce" in financial literacy education it is the song Get in the Habit.

It has been field tested and worked with amazing results all over the world. See the video above and those below.

Step 2 - Discuss the Song

Follow the song with a discussion. Have a conversation about how getting in the habit of saving money can pay off.

The Get in the Habit Song blog contains additional discussion points and action steps!

Step 3 - Keep Kids Learning

Now that you have the financial education ball rolling, keep kids learning and their personal finance knowledge going and growing!

Take one or all of the following actions.

Sign up for Sammy’s Money School.


Check out this blog: Financial Education for Kids that Starts with a Story!


Visit a Sammy Rabbit Dream Big Financial Education partner Resource Hub.

Visitors can listen to, read, color, write, illustrate and grow their money knowledge for free with lots of fun and purpose-filled activities!

Find some of our partners here or contact Sammy for a partner near you.


You’re invited to be a Sammy Rabbit Kids and Money financial education partner for your community and network!

It’s fun, easy, and purposeful!

In addition to helping address the global financial literacy crisis, it will keep your brand meaningfully connected to parents, teachers, non-profit leaders in your community throughout the year!

Learn more, click here.

Talk with Sammy Today!

If you would like additional information or strategies related to financial education for kids do not hesitate to contact us.

Helping parents, teachers, trainers, and community leaders teach young children to develop great money habits is our mission and life purpose.

We want children to grow up into adults who are capable of bringing more financial wellness into their lives and the lives of all those they touch

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Compound the Good

Share the song and this blog with others. Compound the good. Help make it fun and easy for kids to develop Sammyriffic money habits today!

Music Energizes and Educates

Los Angeles. 2nd Graders Sing Get in the Habit

Malaysia. Financial Services Professionals Learn Get in the Habit

Minnesota. Miss Mankato Sings with 1st Graders

Japan. Misawa Air Force Base

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