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Transforming Communities with Collaborative Financial Education Initiatives

by Team Sammy

The Cure

Outstanding news from Northern Santa Barbara County United Way (NSBC UW) Chief Executive Officer, Eddie Taylor! Here's the January 2024 email:

Thank you, Sam,

Lyiam and his team trained 120 student facilitators who will begin delivering the Sammy rabbit money school curriculum later this month To 500 or more students in 17 locations. 

Our goal will be to engage with 100% of the parents with 80% of the students opening savings accounts and 100% of them using the habits to receive the challenge match. 

The activities are a great asset and we really appreciate your support.


Eddie Taylor,  CNE, CNC

Chief Executive Officer

NSBC United Way 

NSBC UW is entering their second year of implementing our Sammy Dream Big Fin Ed Curriculum with 2nd and 3rd graders. Learn more about the collaboration HERE and/or visiting NSBC UW website.

Compound the Impact

As many of you know, we're beyond passionate about educating and empowering children's lives. We believe collaboration is key to accelerating and compound impact. It is the way to combine and leverage unique individual enterprise strengths for the benefit of all - kids, families, communities, and collaborating enterprises.  

The strategy being implemented by NSBC UW emulates and improves on the national award winning project we collaborated on with the University of Maryland that brought financial education to more than 5,000 elementary age students, their parents, and teachers in 23 public, private, and parochial schools as well as Head Start Centers across 3 counties in Maryland.

It adds a general literacy and reading component; a matching savings component; and a communication to parent component.

For enterprises seeking effective strategies to solving the global financial literacy challenge, this is exactly the type of model and strategy that should be replicated and scaled in communities across the world. It is part of the cure to improving financial literacy across generations and transforming children, families and communities.

Contact Sammy

If you would like to collaborate and compound the impact, contact Sammy.

25 Years of Excellence and Innovation

We are always happy to brainstorm early age, youth, and family financial literacy education and share the 20+ years of knowledge we have acquired while delivering financial education first hand and directly to kids, parents, teachers, and community leaders around the world!

We look forward to making even more resources available and accessible that educate, empower, inspire and improve lives, whether those resources long time known ones or new and innovative ones like those listed below.

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