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Kids Dream Big Journal Gallery, Financial Education at its Best, Part 1

by Team Sammy

Fostering Financial Literacy

Engage and empower children with the Sammy Rabbit Dream Big Journal Financial Education program. Below are pictures showcasing a few of the many activities this program offers. Any time is the perfect time to encourage kids to journal—whether after reading Sammy's Big Dream, following a lively Sammy Money song, or simply whenever inspiration strikes!

Explore the exciting world of financial education through these engaging journaling activities. The journey of learning about money and dreams becomes even more enjoyable when children document their thoughts and experiences. Let the Sammy Rabbit Dream Big Journal be a companion in fostering financial literacy and encouraging big dreams in young minds.

Dream Big Journal Covers

Having kids keep a journal focused on their dreams is not only an excellent way to teach them about money, but to nurture self-reflection, goal-setting, and creative expression. It provides them with a valuable tool to explore and pursue their aspirations while fostering a deeper understanding of their own aspirations and values. It also gives them an opportunity to express their creativity.

Dream Big Pledge

Having kids make a pledge helps them invest in their personal growth and development, fostering a sense of responsibility and commitment to both their individual goals and the well-being of others.

Dream Big Clock

Engaging in the Dream Big Clock activity offers children a big-picture view of various domains, encouraging them to explore a wide range of aspirations and objectives.

The activity also imparts some Sammyriffic wisdom - Dream big and do big one step at a time!

List of Big Dreams

The list of big dreams empowers children to initiate the process of organizing and prioritizing, helping them discern and emphasize what holds significant importance in their lives.

Draw, Write, Trace

Encourage kids to draw, write, and trace to discover and define their big dreams as well as to keep them learning and growing their money knowledge and life skills.

Start Today

Have kids start their journals today by taking advantage of our "free," "budget-friendly premium," or "sponsored" membership accounts.

Contact us with questions or suggestions.

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Stay Tuned for Part 2 of the Series

In the next part of the series, we will feature kids' Money Mottos!