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Sammy Rabbit Says: Help Kids Learn to Dream and Do Big, One Step at a Time!

by Team Sammy

Dream Big

Hello, everyone!

It's me, Sammy Rabbit, your warm, lovable, hugable furry friend who loves to dream big, do big, and build great habits, especially money habits!

Today, I want to talk to all my fellow kid friends, their parents, teachers, community coaches, mentors, and leaders.

I want to:

  • Share a few thoughts with you about the "magic" and power of dreams and how taking small steps regularly can help all of us achieve our biggest aims and aspirations.

  • Announce my 30-Day Dream Big Journal Challenge!

Big Dreams Have Magical Powers

Dreams can be anything we want them to be—a famous astronaut exploring the galaxy, a talented musician playing to huge crowds, or even a world-changing scientist making incredible discoveries. The sky's the limit when it comes to dreaming.

Dreams are like magical stars that light up our imaginations. Dreams fill our hearts with hope and possibilities. They are able to give us purpose, drive our direction, motivate us to "sustained" and "focused" action, as well as supply us with the strength to work hard, persevere, and conquer colossal challenges!

The Sammy Rabbit money song titled Big Ol' Dream shares these lyrics about the magic and power of dreams:

"...I got a big ol’ dream, it’s a beautiful thing, inspiring, I feel I can do anything (anything)..."

Small Steps Have Magical Powers Too

But dreaming alone isn't enough. We need to learn how to turn those dreams into reality. That's where taking small steps can unleash their magical powers.

Small steps help one to get in action and gain momentum towards a desired aim. They help one not to get overwhelmed by the magnitude of a task or an auspicious ambition. They allow for incremental progress, which can bolster one's commitment to sticking with a course of action that requires long-term dedication. They make big dreams more manageable.

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Sammy Rabbit's 30-Day Dream Big Journal Challenge

To encourage, inspire, teach, and give everyone more practice at dreaming and doing big, one step at a time, Team Sammy is launching a 30-Day Dream Big Journal Challenge beginning the second week of July!

Stay tuned for details.

Your friend,

Sammy Rabbit

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