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Introducing Sammy Rabbit's Let's Get Kids Financially Literate Campaign!

by Team Sammy

Start Today!

Begin building, adding to and compounding kids money knowledge with a FREE Basic Membership to Sammy Rabbit's online Money School!

The Mission

Get kids financially literate - young kids!

Let's do it household by household, school by school, youth club by youth club, community by community!

Let's get kids exposed to; educated on; competent with basic money concepts; and building foundational money habits that will set them up to consistently advance their financial well-being throughout their lives!

Financial well-being = greater financial stability, security, independence, freedom, wealth and wellness.

The Problem and 3 Big Challenges

Here is the problem and 3 big challenges related to getting kids financially literate when they are young.

  • Babies and young kids are learning machines.

    They continuously absorb information through sight and sound without a filter. They pick up on verbal and non-verbal cues to begin forming their feelings, attitudes, habits and thinking about everything whether parents want them to or not. Everything, includes money.

  • All of us are imperfect, including parents.

    One thing this means is frequently we are not intentional or conscious of our verbal and non-verbal communications. In other words, often, we are not even aware of what it is we are unintentionally teaching kids to feel and think, particularly about sensitive and nuanced topics like money.

  • Kids learn from a variety of sources, including advertisers.

    Parents are primary and the most signifcant teachers and influencers in kids early lives. However, they are not the only teachers and influencers.

    Family, friends and advertisers are as well.

    Three important differences related to advertiser communications: (1) their communications are highly intentional and overwhelmingly if not entirely about spending money (2) their messages are consistent and (3) they may be the source of the most messages on one topic day-in and day-out, again - spend your money.

3 Questions Every Parent Should Ask

Three questions every parent should ask when it comes to get their children financially literate are:

  1. What are kids learning and being taught about money? Is it what you want? Is it what will help them build a foundation that leads to a lifetime of sustained and growing success? Is it what reliably leads them to the "gimmes" at ages 3 and 4?

  2. What do you want them to learn about money?

  3. Who do you want teaching kids about money - your kids?

    Who is shaping not only what goes into their heads, but their hearts, habits, feelings and attitudes? Underinformed parents, family members and friends. Who is doing it intentionally? Sometimes parents. Not schools. Definitely advertisers!

The Answer - Take Charge Today

Parents can take charge of their kids money learning process today.

They can do it themselves.

And/or they can get assistance. This is where Sammy Rabbit and his new online Money School will be very helpful.

The School is an easy, fun, and time-efficient strategy to teach kids about money.

And kids, parents and families can begin learning immediately, with a FREE - NO CHARGE Membership to the School!

Start with a Song or Story

Team Sammy's 20+ years of experience in the field, lead us to suggest starting with a song, story, short sentence and/or a deposit into a piggy bank.

Take a listen or a read right now!!! Find out for yourself in an instant.

Unique, Easy, Fun, Informative

Sammy Rabbit has a one-of-a-kind approach to teaching kids about money.

It not only builds kids knowledge and competency at managing money, it builds children's reading, writing, critical thinking, goal-setting skills and more.

So, "do it today" - get a FREE - NO CHARGE Membership to Sammy Rabbit's online Money School - get kids advancing their financial literacy.

Let's get kids, families and communities financially literate!

Let's "do it" BEFORE kids habits, mindsets and feelings drive them into a life of debt, stress, broken dreams and relationships.

Have You Seen the Research?

The research indicates it is imperative that parents, teachers and community leaders take charge of children's financial education immediately, BEFORE others, including advertisers do.

Did you know:

  1. A study by the University of Cambridge found that children's money habits are formed as early as age 7.

    This means the earlier we start teaching kids about money, the more likely they are to develop "great" money habits that will benefit them throughout their lives.

  2. According to a survey by the National Financial Educators Council, young adults who received financial education as children are more likely to save money, have a budget, and invest in the stock market than those who did not receive financial education.

  3. The National Endowment for Financial Education reports that 76% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck. By teaching children about budgeting, saving, and investing, we can help them avoid falling into this cycle of financial insecurity and set them on the path to long-term financial stability.

It's Never Too Early To Start the Learning Process

You want the best for your children.

By instilling good financial habits at a young age, you set children up for a lifetime of sustained and growing success. That is the kind we like. That is the kind what we want at Sammy Rabbit dot com.

Here is one the secret ingredients to Sammy's Money School.

The School makes it easy for parents, teachers, and community leaders to talk to, teach and shape kids money habits - feelings - and attitudes on a daily basis by providing a wealth and variety of activities that appeal to every learning style!

A Wealth of First Hand Experience

There is a ton to consider and know when it comes to kids and money, like starting the education process early gives kids an advantage.

Sammy Rabbit solves the problem by simplifying the process. He integrates lessons around topics kids are naturally interested in and activities families do regularly.

So, we invite you to take advantage of and leverage the 20+ years of "first hand - in the field experience" we have acquired designing and delivering early age, youth and family financial education resources and programs around the world.

Sammy Rabbit's Strategic Approach

Sammy uses stories, songs, activities, contests and unique programs like his Dream Big Journal to capture kids heads and hearts and teach them the basics of money.

The toe-tapping tune Get in the Habit teaches kids to make a habit of saving money with catchy lyrics like "...from every dollar, save a dime..."

The song Anyone Can Be Rich, encourages kids to grow their wealth by starting the saving and investing process sooner rather than later.

The story Sammy's Big Dream inspires children to think about their dreams and some of the habits and life-skills they will need to make their dreams and goals come true.

Habits and skills like earning money, setting goals, being willing to work for what they want, and not spending more than they make.

Sammyriffic Energy and Enthusiasm

As we hope you can tell, this is a topic we live, breathe and thrive on. It is what we are all about at Sammy Rabbit dot com.

We are HOPPING, hustling and giving everything we have to educate, enrich, empower and elevate the lives and futures of children, families and communities.

That is our mission.

We bring Sammyriffic energy and enthusiasm to everything we do.

So, we warmly invite you to take advantage of Sammy Rabbit's a FREE -NO CHARGE membership offer today. Let's get kids financially literate!

A Big Bonus Benefit

AND, guess what? Do not be surprised if in the process of talking to and teaching kids about "great" money habits, parent's, teacher's, and community leader's advance their personal finance knowledge and practices as well. When you teach kids about money, it helps everyone!

Let's Shape the Future for Generations to Come

Teaching children about money at an early age is crucial for their future financial success.

So, HOP on board Sammy Rabbit's campaign to raise and get kids financially literate.

Let's give our children the tools they need to achieve their dreams and build bright futures.

Together, we can make a real difference in the lives of our children and the world they will inherit.

Have a #Sammyriffic day!

Contact Sammy

HOP on board. Join Sammy Rabbit's Money School and/or Collaborate with Sammy to get kids, families, communities more financially literate.

If you would have questions, suggestions, want to collaborate or would like to receive Sammy Rabbit parent, teacher and trainer tips, contact us.

Your friends in early age, youth and family financial literacy education for the last 20+ years and counting, Team Sammy!

Have a Sammyriffic day!

Inclusive Family Financial Wellness

IF inclusive family-centered financial wellness and/or early age family financial literacy are a priority for you or your enterprise, let's talk.

We have resources and strategies for every budget, including Membership plans to help you exceed your objectives:


  • Premium and low cost

  • Family

  • Group

  • Employer

  • Sponsored

  • Discounted

  • Sammy Rabbit Scholarship

Sammy Rabbit want kids, families, and communities to have access to high quality financial education resources. Let us know how Sammy is doing. We welcome feedback, suggestions and of course patronage that allows us to sustain and grow the Sammy Rabbit mission!