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Join Sammy Rabbit's Money School Today for Free!

by Team Sammy


Greetings Parents, Teachers and Community Leaders!

You and children are invited to join Sammy Rabbit's Money School today for free!

We want you to be able to put your kids and students on the path to proseprity immediately. It all starts with a FREE Baisc Membership to Sammy Rabbit's online Money School!

Yes, get FREE access to quality financial education resources that have been field tested today.

FREE - meaning "no fee," "no cost," "no charge!"

Begin Exploring!

Kids, parents, teachers get to explore and experience songs, stories, and activities that grow their money and make big dreams come true.

Know this - Sammy's Money School is RICH with resources!

Not just any resources. "Strategic" resources.

  • The kind that are fun and purposeful.

  • The kind that share and teach important money concepts like saving is a great habit; don't spend more than you make; anyone can be rich; etc. The kind that inspire big dreams.

  • The kind that simultaneously build other life transforming skills like reading, writing, goal-setting, etc.

  • The kind that transform lives.

  • The kind that make it easy for anyone to help kids map and manage their money so they become able to predictably and reliably advance their financial stability, security, independence, wealth and wellness.

So do not wait or hesitate. Join Sammy Rabbit's Money School today for free!

Research and Experts Agree

Research and many experts agree that the money habits and attitudes one forms in early childhood, prior to age 8, are the ones they largely carry forward and act out during the rest of their lives.

Early savers build on that foundation and often springboard into investing and other proven wealth accumulation personal finance strategies like budgeting and living on less than they earn.

While many of those with poor early money habits frequently find themselves in debt, stressed, and lacking financial stability and other benefits of practicing good financial habits.

Explore and Discover Away

So, Join Sammy Rabbit's Money School today for free!

Explore our site, the blogs, the songs, the activities, collaborations, track record, etc.

Send us your questions and suggestions.

List and Sample of Resources and Blogs

Contact Sammy

HOP on board. Collaborate with Sammy Rabbit to get kids, families, communities more financially literate.

If you would like to collaborate, have questions, suggestions or would like to receive Sammy Rabbit parent, teacher and trainer tips, contact us.

Your friends in early age, youth and family financial literacy education for the last 20+ years and counting, Team Sammy! Have a Sammyriffic day!