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Reading is Central to Sammy's Financial Literacy Strategy!

by Team Sammy

Reading is Central to Our Financial Literacy Strategy

Our journey started with the story book, It's a Habit Sammy Rabbit. It targets early readers, ages 5 and above.

The story book includes a unique feature we call "Predict the Chapter Titles." It is intended to make reading fun and interactive. It is also meant to build kids reading comprehension skills.

I struggled with reading as a child. BUT, if you added a game like component to reading, I was all in. That is what inspired the Predict the Chapter Title feature in our books.

Sammy's Big Dream was our second publication.

We have taken our reading centric financial literacy strategy to a whole new level with this story book that targets readers ages 7 and above.

We introduced co-branded Learn with Sammy Resource Hubs to make it fun and easy for parents, teachers and community leaders to build kids reading skills while simultaneously teaching them great money habits.

The Hubs include several versions of story book. There's one kids can read and color. There's an "author" reading version of the story kids can watch online. There's an audio version with actor voices and special effects kids can listen to. There is a picture prompt version that gives kids the opportunity to write their own version of the story. And, there is a word prompt version of the story that provides kids the opportunity to illustrate the story.

Visit a Hub like this one and check out all the valuable FREE reading resources. Or Sponsor a Hub for your network and community!

Sponsor a Sammy Resource Hub for Your Network and Community!

From there we have been the architect of several reading centric financial education initiatives like the 1st National Dream Big Read; The Arkansas Dream Big Read; The Wisconsin Dream Big Read; The East Los Angeles Dream Big Read, etc.

A Multi Sponsor National Initiative!

Collaboration with Economics Arkansas, Garrett Planning Network & Arkansas Bankers Association

Collaboration with Wisconsin Bankers Foundation

Collaboration with Weingart East Los Angeles YMCA, Freda Berlinski Foundation and Lemonade Day (Holthouse Foundation for Kids)

And now we are pleased to introduce Sammy Rabbit's ALL STAR READER LEADER program!

The strategy gives everyone interested in building kids literacy and money skills an opportunity to read to children.

You can learn more about the program HERE.

We welcome everyone to participate. Let's end financial illiteracy!

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