Financial Planning Month - October 2019

15,000 kids in 100 communities will receive a special edition of Sammy's Big Dream Read & Color activity book.

Give kids a financial education. Your name goes in 15,000 books. Sponsor Today!

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What is the National Dream Big Read?

The National Dream Big Read is a collaborative early age financial literacy initiative. It's objectives are to bring financial literacy resources, experiences and awareness to communities around the United States. It is comprised of the following components:

  1. Book Give Away
  2. Dream Big Reads
  3. Online Financial Literacy Awareness Campaign
  4. Teen and College Challenge (Competition and Cash Prize To Be Announced!) #DreamBigReadYouthChallenge FREE Trainer Kit for the first 25 students to sign up and more! You must be 16 years or older or have a teacher sign up for you.

The goals are to:

  1. Give away 15,000 special edition Sammy's Big Dream Read and Color activity books
  2. Have Dream Big Reader Leaders conduct Dream Big Reads in 100 communities
  3. Raise awareness on early age and family financial literacy between June and December 2019!
  4. Develop 100 Teen and College Dream Big Reader Leaders who either: (a) Lead a Dream Big Read in their community and/or (b) write a blog a money memory or habit that is important to them
Sammy's Big Dream Special Edition

Book Give Away

Give kids a financial education. Give them a Sammy book. Take a peek.

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What is a Dream Big Read?

A Dream Big Read is an interactive education experience. It brings community leaders of all ages together with elementary age children to read and discuss big dreams, great money habits and more! The experience consists of:

  1. Reading the story Sammy's Big Dream.
  2. Discussing the story, big dreams, and money habits.
  3. Doing activities. Do one or more from Sammy's Trainer Kit Instructions Booklet or Instructor Guide. See Trainer Kit.
  4. Opportunity to keep learning at SammyRabbit.com

Dream Big Read events like the one pictured above and video below will be held all across the nation during October. Sponsors, Hosts, or Dream Big Reader Leaders choose and coordinate the locations of readings. Team Sammy will assist at your option.

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Financial Literacy Awareness Campaign

One component and goal of the 1st National Dream Big Read is to raise awareness on early age and family financial literacy. The awareness campaign will take place online between June and December 2019. During that time, Team Sammy will make a variety of social media and blog posts related to early age financial literacy education. Many of these posts will feature Sponsors, Hosts, and Champions of the initiative. Everyone is welcome to like, share, comment and contribute to the campaign. See the example above or click to see examples of awareness campaign posts:

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How can I participate in the National Dream Big Read?

There are several ways you can participate in the National Dream Big Read. You can:

  1. Sponsor at Level A, Level 1 or Level 2
  2. Host or lead a Dream Big Read
  3. Champion and/or contribute to the Online Financial Literacy Awareness Campaign
  4. Become a Teen and College Dream Big Reader Leader
Dream Big Read Philadelphia

Host or Lead a Dream Big Read

Dream Big Reads are perfect for children age 7+ - 2nd grade and above.

Typically they can be completed in anywhere between 30 minutes to 1 hour depending on how you organize the experience.

Dream Big Reads are normally conducted in homes, at schools, youth clubs, community agencies, office locations, community events, etc.

Dream Big Reads are easy to lead. They are time efficient and cost effective to execute. Almost anyone can do it, from teenagers to teachers to seniors. All that is needed is a Dream Big Read Trainer Kit to get started.

If you are a parent, teacher, after school program leader, community leader, financial educator, teen leader, college student, etc, and would like a host or lead a Dream Big Read contact us.

Sammy Rabbit says You Can Do It!

Champion and/or Contribute to Online Financial Literacy Awareness Campaign

Sammy Rabbit believes:

  1. It is important to increase awareness on the need for financial literacy education at all levels, but especially for young children.
  2. Everyone can champion and contribute.

Here are a few ways you can champion and contribute.

  1. Like, share, and/or comment on social media posts related to financial literacy education, including the 1st National Dream Big Read.
  2. Write a blog on the topic of financial literacy education.
  3. Be featured in a social media post or blog.
  4. Include a blog, column or note on financial literacy education and/or 1st National Dream Big Read in your newsletters, communications, etc.
  5. Open doors and make introductions between people and enterprises who can grow the messaging.
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How to become a Teen and College Dream Big Reader Leader?

Click to learn more about Sammy’s Dream Big Read Youth Challenge and how:

  • To become a Teen and College Dream Big Reader Leader
  • Win a $500 scholarship!
Free Trainer Kit

Contact us to get started or questions!