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Financial Education for Kids that Starts with a Story!

by Team Sammy

Storybooks Are A Fun and Effective Way to Teach Kids About Money

Storybooks are a fun, easy and effective way for busy parents and educators to teach children about money. Storybooks:

  • offer captivating narratives through relatable characters and compelling plots. This helps children become invested in the lessons being taught, making the learning process more enjoyable and memorable.

  • have the power to simplify personal finance concepts. This makes money management principles easier to teach as well as easier for children to digest and understand.

  • Many storybooks incorporate interactive elements such as discussion questions, activities, or even accompanying workbooks. Sammy Rabbit books do!

Below are two Sammy Rabbit stories you can use to start kids financial education today.

Your children and students will love them!

And, they will learn valuable money concepts in the process, like saving is a great habit. It's a message that transforms lives when acted upon. I share that because the habit of saving money:

  • teaches kids to delay gratification

  • helps anyone and everyone, including kids, get from where they are to where they want to be or go

  • protects you today and prepares you for tomorrow

  • you get what you want and need, when you want and need it

  • has you better prepared to help others.

It's a Habit, Sammy Rabbit!

The storybook is perfect for early readers ages 4+. 

It's a Habit Sammy Rabbit shares these money lessons and more:

  • saving is a great habit

  • saving is easy when you make it a habit

  • it's fun counting and watching your savings grow and grow!

Sammy's Big Dream!

The storybook is perfect for children ages 7+.

Sammy's Big Dream is a financial education story that shares these money lessons and more to inspire kids to make big dreams come true:

  • saving and earning money are great habits

  • set goals

  • work your plan

  • do not give up

  • give to others  

Follow Up Stories with a Discussion

Have a conversation with kids about how:

  • making habit of saving regularly paid off for Sammy Rabbit and his family

  • establishing great habits, like saving money, reading, etc., help us to get more of what we want

For additional conversation ideas and learning activities, contact us or read our various blog series on talking to and teaching kids about money. We've linked some of them below.

We're always happy to share the knowledge we have acquired in 20+ years of delivering financial education programs to children across the world to help children, families, and communities advance their financial literacy knowledge, habits, and skills.

Have Keep Kids Learning

Now that you have the financial education ball rolling, keep kids learning and their personal finance knowledge going and growing! Enroll them in Sammy’s Money School. We offer Free, low-cost Premium, and Sponsored memberships.

Companion Reads, Listens, and Resources

You're Invited! How You Can Help Sammy Rabbit Advance Kids and Families Financial Literacy Levels

Let's collaborate to get kids, families, and communities advancing their financial literacy knowledge, habits, and skills. Here are a couple of ideas on how you can help and we can work together.

  1. Give custom, co-branded Sammy Rabbit story and activity books to kids in your local community!

  2. Collaborate and partner with Sammy on "1" project in 2024: See a Menu of Ideas or suggest your own.

Contact us to explore more options and support Sammy's mission. Thank you. Have a #Sammyriffic day!