Financial Education for Kids that Starts with a Story!

Stories Are A Fun and Effective Way to Learn About Money

Stories are a fun, easy and effective way for busy parents and educators to teach children about money.

Below are two Sammy Rabbit stories you can start kids financial education with today. Children will love them! And, they will learn valuable money concepts in the process, like saving is a great habit.

Why is saving money a great habit? There are numerous reasons. Here are two: Making saving money a habit helps anyone and everyone to be:

(1) more safe and secure

(2) better positioned and more prepared to become independent and make dreams come true, even big dreams.

Follow these simple steps to get started immediately.

Step 1Listen to a Story

For early readers ages 4+: Listen to the story It’s a Habit Sammy Rabbit! 

It’s a Habit Sammy Rabbit is a financial education story that shares lessons on why saving is a great habit!

For children ages 7+: Listen to the story Sammy’s Big Dream!

Sammy’s Big Dream is a financial education story that shares lessons on how earning and saving money help to make big dreams come true.  

Kids can listen to one or both stories on their own. Or, you can do it as a family, classroom or group of children!

Be sure to share this blog and the stories with others to help more children develop Sammyriffic money habits when they are young.

Let’s take steps to “compound” the financial literacy knowledge of generations to come!

Step 2 – Discuss the Story

Follow up listening to each story with a discussion. Have a conversation about how saving regularly paid off and made a difference for Sammy Rabbit and his family.

Step 3Keep Kids Learning

Now that you have the financial education ball rolling, keep kids learning and their personal finance knowledge going and growing! Take one or all of the following actions.

Sign up for Sammy’s Money School.


Check out this blog: Financial Education for Kids that Starts with a Song!


Visit a Sammy Rabbit Dream Big Financial Education partner Resource Hub. Visitors can listen to, read, color, write, illustrate and grow their money knowledge for free with lots of fun and purpose-filled activities!

Contact Sammy for a list of partners near you.


If you would like additional information or strategies related to financial education for kids do not hesitate to contact us.

Helping parents, teachers, trainers, and community leaders teach young children to develop great money habits is our mission and life purpose.

We want children to grow up into adults who are capable of bringing more financial wellness into their lives and the lives of all those they touch

Have a “Sammyriffic” day and series of financial education experiences!

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