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Easter, A Bunny Money Teaching Moment Parents Don't Want to Miss

by Team Sammy

Happy Easter!

There is a lot to Easter. Faith first. But food, fun, learning, etc., are often a part of celebrations and traditions as well - a big part. There is the Easter bunny, Easter basket, Easter eggs.

Parents are reminded, retailers are not missing the Easter consumption opportunity. Parents should not miss the Easter financial education opportunity!

Continual vigilance is required when it comes to the unrelenting battle to shape kids money mindsets, habits and attitudes and get their hearts and heads aligning their money choices with their values.

Following find:

  • 4 Easter money lessons ideas for parents to give their kids.

  • A list of 7 of the most popular Easter family traditions and

  • 5 Easter personal finance stats and fun facts. The fun facts include and estimate of how much Americans will spend on consumer items this Easter!

4 Easter Money Lesson Ideas for Parents to Give Kids

  1. Giving and philanthropy: Easter can also be a time to teach kids about giving and philanthropy. Sammy Rabbit says: "Give Wisely. It's a Great Habit!" Encourage children to use some of their money to donate to a charity or give to those in need. This will help them develop empathy, generosity, and an understanding of the importance of giving back to the community. Be sure to consider also letting them know: (1) a person who becomes financially stable by establishing the right money habits is better prepared to give consistently and responsibly (2) to give wisely; for Sammy Rabbit, this minimally means to give with joy and thought; in other words do some homework - thought - thinking - into your giving.

  2. Budgeting: Easter can be an opportunity to teach kids about budgeting. You can give them a set amount of money to spend on Easter treats or gifts, and help them create a budget to allocate their funds wisely. This can teach them about prioritizing expenses and making choices based on their available resources. Have kids listen to the Sammy Rabbit songs BUDGET and DON'T SPEND MORE THAN YOU MAKE to "fun up" the experience.

  3. Comparison shopping: When kids receive money for Easter, they can learn about comparison shopping. Sammy Rabbit says: "Compare, contrast and ask questions." His mantra: "Spend smart. It's a great habit!" Encourage children to compare prices of Easter treats or gifts at different stores or online, and make informed decisions about where to spend their money. This can help them develop good consumer habits and understand the value of money. Have kids listen to the Sammy Rabbit song MAKE YOUR CHOICES COUNT to bring joy and energy to the learning.

  4. Entrepreneurship: Easter can inspire kids to be entrepreneurial and learn about money through activities such as selling homemade Easter treats or organizing an Easter egg hunt for their friends or neighbors. This can teach them about basic business concepts such as pricing, marketing, and profit margins, as well as the value of hard work and creativity in earning money. The Girl Scouts are well known for selling cookies and share similar sentiments on the benefits of early entrepreneurship. Another enterprise who is phenomenal at bringing kids early entrepreneur experiences is founder Michael Holthouse's Check them out! And, have kids listen to the Sammy Rabbit songs LEMONADE STAND and BIG OL' DREAM for added inspiration and motivation!

A Money Bunny Funny Question for Kids

Does a good bunny or a bad bunny "budget" for Easter?

7 of the Most Popular Easter Family Traditions

  1. Attending Easter Church Services. Many churches hold special Easter services, including sunrise services, where families can come together to reflect on the spiritual significance of Easter and participate in prayers, hymns, and other religious rituals.

  2. Easter Baskets.

  3. Easter Egg Hunt.

  4. Decorating Easter Eggs. It's a creative activity that encourages family bonding and unleashes everyone's artistic skills.

  5. Easter Brunch or Dinner.

  6. Easter Baking: Baking Easter-themed treats is another popular tradition for families. From baking Easter-themed cookies, cupcakes, and cakes to making sweet treats like chocolate nests or bunny-shaped desserts, families can come together in the kitchen to create delicious Easter-themed goodies. It's a fun and tasty activity that brings families closer while satisfying their sweet tooth.

  7. Planting Easter Flowers: Many families have a tradition of planting flowers in their garden or pots as a symbol of new life and rebirth during Easter.

5 Easter Personal Finance Stats & Fun Facts

  • According to the National Retail Federation, U.S. consumers will spend $24 Billion dollars this Easter. The average family will spend $192.01.

  • According to Wallet Hub, $3.3 Billion dollars is estimated to be spent on Easter candy in 2023.

  • According to Finance Buzz 72% of people say rising food costs will impact their Easter plans.

  • According to Good Housekeeping, Easter baskets have special symbolism. The woven treat containers represent birds' nests and new life.

  • According to Country Living, it wasn't until the first Germans immigrated to America in the 1700s that the Easter Bunny became a beloved tradition in the United States.

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