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Gilligan's Island Money Trivia Poll Results

by Team Sammy

Gilligan's Island Poll and Results

Over the last 20 plus years of delivering financial education experiences to audiences of all ages, we have learned there are a truckload of strategies to effectively engage audiences to create conversations about personal finance and money management.

Trivia questions and polls are two Sammyriffic strategies to break through barriers that prevent people from talking about money.

The Gilligan's Island Financial Literacy Trivia Poll Question

Here is the question we posed to the Sammy network and friends on LinkedIn:

Who was wealthiest Gilligan's Island cast member in real life?

Answer Options

  1. Thurston Howell 3

  2. Mrs. Howell

  3. The Professor

  4. Teach Kids $. Start Early

Poll Results

  • 357 Votes

  • Thurston Howell 3 | 111 votes

  • Mrs. Howell | 71 votes

  • The Professor | 116 votes

  • Teach Kids $. Start Early | 59 votes

Correct Answer

Many avid fans of the show tend to think it was Mary Ann - Dawn Wells - since she was the only actor to earn residuals from the show.

But, according to MeTV, Natalie Schafer, Mrs. Howell, "Lovey," was the only real life millionaire! Apparently she and her husband invested in Beverly Hills real estate when it was inexpensive! How about that?

3 Sammyriffic Ice Breaker Tips to Catalyze Conversation

Take advantage of the 3 Sammyriffic techniques and strategies cited below to create a warm, welcoming, and energetic environment that encourages participants to open up and engage in meaningful discussions about money.

  1. Arouse interest and curiosity by start with an intriguing or thought-provoking question. : "What is your earliest memory of money and how has it influenced your financial decisions?" or "If you could achieve any financial goal in the next year, what would it be and why?" or "If you received a million dollars today, what would you do with it?" or "How long do you think it would take you to spend 10,000 pennies and what would use them to buy?" Tailor your question to your audience. The right questions will pique the audience's curiosity and encourage them to engage.

    When working with young kids, we like starting with a song or a riddle like question!

    Try the Sammy Rabbit song titled: Get in the Habit. We have used the song all over the world. It is sure-fire, guaranteed winner.

  2. Share a personal "Money Memory" and then ask participants to share one of their personal money memories that was memorable. Check out Sammy Rabbit's three Childhood Money Memory Interview series. They are filled with cherished and influential money memories from childhood. Long Form Interview | Short Format Single Memory Interview.

  3. Share a relevant statistic: Provide an interesting and relevant statistic related to personal finance that can grab the audience's attention. For example, "Did you know that only 39% of adults have enough savings to cover a $1,000 emergency expense?" or "On average, women earn 82 cents for every dollar earned by men in the United States." This can spark discussions and raise awareness about financial topics.

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