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Anaheim Third Graders Start Their Dream Big Financial Literacy Journey

by Team Sammy


Pleased to share a few pictures from the recently completed 6 week Sammy Rabbit Dream Big Financial Literacy education training over 100 third graders in Anaheim, California, and powered by Orange County United Way. More to follow soon.

In addition to receiving instruction on beginning personal finance concepts that will help them develop good money habits, participants received copies of the story book Sammy's Big Dream for their home library's; membership into Sammy's online Money School; and began building their own personal Dream Big Journals.

Topics and Key Lessons from Financial Education Experiences in Program

You can view the 10 module Instructor curriculum used to design and lead the financial education program HERE. Below is a listing of 6 modules selected and a summary of key lessons from each module.

Experience 1: Saving and Earning Money + Big Dreams 

Key Lesson(s): Saving and earning money are great habits. Great habits help make dreams come true, including big dreams!

Experience 2: Dreams – What’s Your Big Dream?

Key Lesson(s): Key Lesson(s): It’s important to have, declare and define your dreams. Dreams can inspire us. Dreams can give us and our actions and behaviors direction. We can make dreams come true, even big dreams, with great habits, like earning and saving money; working hard; and not giving up easily.

Experience 3: Goals. Dreams. Money

Key Lesson(s): It’s important to set goals, clear goals, including setting goals for our money and dreams. Setting goals gives us a better chance of achieving our dreams.

Experience 4: Habits

Key Lesson(s): Habits are powerful because they have predictable outcomes. Choose the right habits and be better able to make more dreams come true. Choose the right money habits and have more freedom and security.

Experience 5: Earning Money

Key Lesson(s): Earning money is a great habit and a smart choice. Be an earner. Save every time you get paid and always have money.

Experience 6: Saving Money

Key Lesson(s): Saving money is a great habit and a smart choice. Why? Saving money helps us: (1) get what we want and need when we want and need it; (2) Saving money prepares us for emergencies (3) Saving money prepares us to make dreams come true (4) Saving money prepares us to give to others.

Food for Thought

Sammy Rabbit's 20+ years teaching young kids in classrooms, youth clubs, libraries, live events, etc., and training others do the same, reveals talking to kids about their dreams is a wonderful strategy for educating them on the money habits that will better prepare and position them make those dreams come true.

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Let's get kids financially literate!

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