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How to Lead a "Get in the Habit!" Saving Sing A Long

by Team Sammy

If you want to give kids the best two and one half minutes in all of financial literacy education then lead them in a sing a long of the song "Get in the Habit!"

There is an excellent chance you and kids will never have more fun learning about personal finance concepts that make a difference. Do not believe me. Take a listen. Then give it a try. The video above shows you how to do it. The video below shows community leader Kelsey Malecha using the song to bring knowledge and joy to children in Minnesota.

Music and sing a longs are an excellent method for teaching kids about money or anything. That is especially true when the music is infectious and easy to follow. And, Sammy Rabbit's song "Get in the Habit" is that and more.

The tune is engaging, energetic and jam packed with purposeful financial education for everyone. We know this from having led sing a longs using "Get in the Habit" with over a quarter million children in 8 countries.

Here is what kids, families, teachers and song leaders will learn about money from the toe tapping tune!

  1. Make a habit of saving money. It pays off.
  2. It is not funny when you are not in the habit of saving money
  3. Your savings will grow when you make it a habit
  4. It's something you (and anyone) can do - especially kids
  5. You need to get to it
  6. From every dollar, save a dime!

Making a habit of saving money means you are "saving all the time." That further means your pile of savings and money are growing. This will have those who adopt and execute the strategy better prepared to both address emergencies and make big dreams come true like going to and graduating from college or owning a bicycle.

Have fun. Have impact. Empower dreams. Transform lives. As Sammy Rabbit says: "You can do it. Now get to it!"


Here are some "free" and "low cost" resources to help you teach children the lessons cited about.

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Join Sammy Rabbit. He is reimagining financial literacy education.


User Experiences and Feedback

Here is a sampling of user experiences - Sammy Rabbit Dream Big Financial Education resources.

In Home: Parent Child Experiences
Michael Morton, Dad and Daughter, Harvard, MA
Nick Bradfield: Father and son, Cary, NC
Abby Kovach: Mother and daughter, Denver, CO
Chelsea Iliff: Military Mom, MD

In School and After School: Led by Community Leaders
Malabar Elementary School. Rosa Overstreet, Los Angeles, CA
St. John Lutheran School, Amy Vetrone, Financial Educator Berlin, WI
Walnut Elementary School, Baldwin Park, CA
Huntington Elementary School. Cedric Turner. Empower Yourself, Brockton, MA
Did You See What Marine Veteran Nick Bradfield Did? Cary, NC
Alana Golden, California Department of Financial Institutions, Sacramento, CA
Patrina Dixon and United Way Women's Leadership Council, Hartford, CT
Money Smart 101, Philadelphia, PA
Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, OK
Naval Air Station, Jacksonville, FL

Author Led Experiences
YMCA and East Los Angeles College, Los Angeles, CA
Peterson Air Force Base, Colorado Springs, CO
Air Force Aid Society, Arlington, VA
El Monte Promise Foundation, El Monte, CA
University of Maryland Cooperative Extension, Salisbury, MD

Media Reviews
Fox: Good Day Columbus: Krista Cavalieri
Financial Advisor Magazine: Children Form Financial Behaviors By 7
Kiplinger: Janet Bodnar, Editor. Kids and Money Author