Sammy Rabbit Spotlight: Patrina Dixon

Patrina Dixon

“Many of our young people are spending and borrowing without knowing that interest builds up, or that credit cards aren’t free money. It’s my mission to change that.”

​-Patrina Dixon, Author of It’$ My Money™

The data and statistics are light years beyond staggering when it comes to financial literacy.

Patrina Kelly Dixon gets it. That’s why she’s committed to investing her time, talent and treasure to making a difference. The award-winning author, Certified Financial Education Instructor, and founder of It’$ My Money wants kids to lead empowered lives.

Coast to coast, children are learning about the importance of saving, setting and achieving goals, giving and other values through the Sammy Rabbit’s Dream Big Financial Education Reading and Resource Initiative, thanks in part to sponsors and community leaders like Patrina.

Recently she teamed with the United Way Women’s Leadership Council of Hartford, CT., to read and give copies of Sammy’s Big Dream to 20 elementary students at Silver Lane Elementary School.

Patrina Dixon reading Sammy's Big Dream to kids

Patrina reads Sammy’s Big Dream to kids at Silver Lane Elementary School in Hartford, CT

“I had a great time with the children,” Dixon said in January 11 Facebook post. “They were very engaged, asked questions and loved the space coaster. The story had a lot of great messages: save, set goals, work hard, stay focused on your goal (even when the odds are against you), and you can achieve your dream, even a big one!”

Dixon also cited “giving” as another wonderful habit the strategic storybook communicates to readers.

You can discover more about Patrina and her mission to deliver financial empowerment skills to kids of all ages at

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