An array of simple and effective strategies to shape, educate, and empower kids dreams, money habits, and life skills.

1. Reading and Resource Initiative

The purpose of the Reading & Resource Initiative is to provide kids, families, and classrooms with Sammyriffic resources and get them excited about financial education and their dreams. The mission is to have one million kids, read, color and own Sammy’s Big Dream book set! Schools, youth organizations, financial professionals check out our two step strategy to impact. Contact us to get started.

2. Dream Big Club

The purpose of the Dream Big Club initiative is to make available anywhere, anytime learning and training on habits, dreams, money, reading, and education, including going to college.

3. Dream Big Tour

The purpose of the Dream Big Tour initiative is to make it easy for anyone to conduct and participate in effective live and interactive experiences centered on big dreams and great money habits. Contact us to learn more.

4. Dream Big Network

The purpose of the Global Dream Big Network initiative is to attract like minded individuals and enterprises to support and execute Sammy’s Dream Big Education Initiative and to empower each others missions, dreams and goals.

5. Global Dream Big Day

The purpose of the Global Dream Big Day initiative is to provide an annual opportunity to have a common collective experience and celebration of big dreams, great money habits, reading and education in communities across the world. Contact us to learn more.