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Financial Education for Kids that Starts with an Activity!

by Team Sammy

Activities Are A Fun and Effective Way to Teach Kids About Money

Coloring, fill-in the blanks, puzzle activities are easy and effective methods for parents, teachers, and trainers to deliver financial education and teach children about money.

5 big benefits of using activities are:

  1. Interactive Experience: Activity sheets promote active participation in learning! They are an excellent catalyst for encouraging children to ask questions, think critically, and engage in discussions about money management.

  2. Enhanced Retention: Engaging in helps children remember and understand financial concepts more effectively compared to passive learning methods.

  3. Fun and Enjoyable: Incorporating activities into financial education makes the learning process enjoyable for children, fostering a positive attitude towards money management from a young age.

  4. Easy and Time-Efficient to Implement: Activity sheets provide an opportunity for parents to engage in financial conversations with their children, reinforcing learning and building a strong foundation for financial literacy.

  5. Boosts Confidence: Successfully completing activity sheets can boost children's confidence in their ability to understand and manage money, empowering them to make informed financial decisions in the future.

Start with One of Activities

Sammy Rabbit's Money School is jam packed with fun financial education activities. We suggest you start your child or student's learning journey with one of the following three activities:

  1. Sammy Money Motto's. Kids can trace them and write their own.

  2. Color a Sammy Dream Big Step

  3. Unscramble and Alphabetize key words from a Sammy money song.

All of these activities can enjoyed for FREE with a complimentary Sammy Rabbit Money School membership.

Companion Reads, Listens, and Resources

You're Invited! How You Can Help Sammy Rabbit Advance Kids and Families Financial Literacy Levels

Let's collaborate to get kids, families, and communities advancing their financial literacy knowledge, habits, and skills. Here are a couple of ideas on how you can help and we can work together.

  1. Give custom, co-branded Sammy Rabbit story and activity books to kids in your local community!

  2. Collaborate and partner with Sammy on "1" project in 2024: See a Menu of Ideas or suggest your own.

Contact us to explore more options and support Sammy's mission. Thank you. Have a #Sammyriffic day!