Neha Misra, Co-Founder, The Fin Lit Project India

Neha Misra: Co-Founder, The Fin Lit Project, India

We are pleased to have Neha Misra share a “favorite” money moment and memory with us.

I discovered and connected with Neha on LinkedIn. We followed that up with an excellent Google Meet conversation where we each shared our passion for financial literacy!

About Neha Misra

Neha is the CEO & co-founder of The Fin Lit Project, a IIIT Delhi incubated financial education platform.

She is an IIT Madras alumni with a decade of experience in technology and finance and has worked for corporations and startups in India and the United States.

In addition to this, Neha is a global speaker. She has been featured on international platforms like the Womentech conference, Code for America, ThinkIndia, Dell Women’s Entrepreneur Summit amongst others where she always advocates for financial literacy. 

Neha is also a mom and a mentor for the IIT Madras Alumni Association, GoogleInternet Saathi accelerator, and the Oxford University Women in Business.

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In Her Own Words: A “Nanaji” (Hindi for Grandfather) Story

Here is a little story about one of my “Favorite Money Memories”.

When I was 6 my grandfather would often come home in his office jeep. He would be sitting flamboyantly in the front seat, get off the jeep, ruffle my hair and always ask, “Where is your piggy bank?”.

I would race down to my room, pick up the steel piggybank (it was a rather bulky one he had got for me) and race outside to meet him. 

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He would then take out a INR 100 note. He would fold it carefully, in his impeccable style, and use my hand to put it into the piggy bank.

Nanaji passed away 6 months later, but that piggy bank with his numerous rolls of INR 100 inside it, continues to be with me even to this day.

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That gesture taught me an early life lesson about savings and building a rainy day fund.

One of my most prized memories from childhood is thinking about opening that piggy bank with my shell shaped keychain and then counting the money I had. It was money that belonged to me!

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The lesson has stayed with me. It is important to always put away money to save for the future and to build an emergency fund.

I’m trying to imbibe the same behavior and thinking into my 6 year old by asking him to put aside money into his piggy bank and resist the urge to race over to Hamleys to pick up his favorite toy!  

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