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The Must-Have Bilingual Financial Education Book for Little Learners

by Team Sammy

Must-Have Bilingual Book

Es un Hábito Sammy Rabbit or It's a Habit Sammy Rabbit empowers Spanish and English-speaking families to navigate beginning personal finance lessons with confidence and ease.

This invaluable resource is meticulously crafted to nurture the financial literacy of budding learners. Moreover, its positive impact extends beyond children. It serves as a catalyst for parents, teachers, and instructors to enhance their own money management skills through shared engagement with the resource's captivating narrative and enriching activities.

It stands as the essential, must-have bilingual book on money for young minds aged 4 and beyond.


Here are a few more reasons why this vital resouce is an indispensable addition to every educator, financial literacy advocate, and mentor's teaching toolkit.

  1. The story activity book's main money lesson - saving is a great habit; ahorrar es un gran hábito!

    This the most important money lesson a parent or educator can teach a child.

    Read the following blog to discover why no money lesson is more crucial than teaching children to get in the habit of saving: Money Lesson 1.

  2. The english version of the resource earned the 2008 Institute for Financial Literacy Education 'Book' of the Year award for it's simple, yet profound insights on saving like:

    ...saving is easy when you make it a habit...

    ...I predict if you get in the habit of saving, you'll always have carrots when you want and need them...

    ...My savings kept getting bigger and bigger. It was fun counting and watching my savings grow...

    These are key supporting insights that reinforce the book's main message, firmly establishing the connection and power of habitual saving. Saving money when one can is great. But making it a habit empowers and changes lives. It's transformative knowledge every child will benefit from learning for the rest of their lives.

  3. The resource is interactive.

    It offers children the opportunity to both read and color the story, allowing them to deepen their learning.

  4. The book can easily be supplemented by a wealth of other unique and engaging financial literacy education tools to keep "little learners" and families growing their personal finance knowledge and skills.

    Tools include: The Sammy Says Book Series. The Sammy Rabbit Money Song Series, Sammy Rabbit's Money School, etc.

Advance Order Today

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  • Order custom, co-branded copies to give to children, families, schools, nonprofits in the communities you serve.

Recommend Reading

Help Sammy Rabbit Advance Kids and Families Financial Literacy Levels

Let's collaborate to get kids, families, and communities advancing their financial literacy knowledge, habits, and skills. Here are a couple of ideas on how you can help and we can work together.

  1. Give custom, co-branded Sammy Rabbit story and activity books to kids in your local community!

  2. Collaborate and partner with Sammy on "1" project in 2024: See a Menu of Ideas or suggest your own.

Contact us to explore more options and support Sammy's mission. Thank you. Have a #Sammyriffic day!