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Saving Money is Vital! 10 Reasons Why

by Team Sammy

Saving Money is Vital! 10 Reasons Why!

Today and everyday at we love to celebrate saving, investing and other great money habits.

In this blog we will share our thoughts on why saving money regularly is vital.

You can not establish, grow and sustain financial stability, security and freedom without consistently saving.

The benefits are immense. Underestimate its value at your peril and the peril of children, family, friends and community.

Hence, Sammy Rabbit strongly suggests making saving money a habit. Make it automatic. Do it from the "get-go" - the first time you earn or receive money.

It is the foundation of financial wellness.

Below, find our list of 10 reasons why the habit of saving money is vital. We encourage you to write down your personal and prioritized list.

Get clear. Advance your financial wellness. You, your family and all those you touch are worth it!

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10 Reasons Why the Habit of Saving Money is Vital to Your Well-Being

(1) Saving money regularly gives us protection when emergencies arise.

(2) It better prepares and positions us to take advantage of opportunities and to make dreams come true.

(3) Saving money regularly has us better prepared and positioned to get what we want and need when we want and need it.

(4) It has us better prepared and positioned to invest; stay invested for the long term (ride out market volatility); and earn higher compounded returns by better able to take and manage calculated risks.

(5) Saving money regularly has us better prepared and positioned to give responsibly and sustain that giving.

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(6) It helps us make better consumer choices. It does this by building our money mindset and consciousness. It is a continual reminder that our daily personal financial decisions make a difference to our financial wellness, whether those choices are small or large. In this way it can help lead to more purposeful spending choices.

(7) Saving money regularly sends a strong and clear message to family members and friends that how one manages their resources, limited resources, makes a difference.

(8) Saving money regularly instills and builds discipline.

(9) It builds our delayed gratification muscle.

(10) Saving money builds confidence and esteem while reducing stress and worry,

Share your reasons with us on why getting in the habit of saving money is vital!

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