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Highlights from the Arkansas Dream Big Read 2019!

by Team Sammy

February 25 through February 29, America Saves Week 2019, will be remembered in perpetuity as an outstanding and Sammyriffic week of financial literacy and financial education in Arkansas.

The TV news reports, videos, pictures and social media posts tell the story of the exemplary leadership of Economics Arkansas who orchestrated the statewide resource and public awareness campaign that resulted in: 

  • Every elementary school in the state receiving a copy of the storybook Sammy's Big Dream
  • National awareness on the need and importance of early age financial literacy
  • And, four days of special, live Dream Big Read experiences led by celebrity guest readers!

Here are some of the many highlights.

Thursday, 2.28 | Jones Elementary School | Springdale

Wednesday, 2.27 | Crestwood Elementary School | North Little Rock

Officer Norman reading Sammy's Big Dream

Tuesday, 2.26 | David O. Dodd Elementary School | Little Rock

Monday, 2.25 | Valley View Elementary School | Jonesboro

Pre-Arkansas Dream Big Read Preparation

Arkansas Dream Big Read Collaboration Partners 

About Dream Big Reads 
Dream Big Reads are a collaborative strategy. 
Their purpose is to bring financial education resources and raise awareness in communities around the world on the need for early age financial literacy. 

The goal is to make it just a little bit easier to help kids establish the right money habits and money attitudes while they are young - between the ages of 4 and 10. We want to shape kids money mindsets, habits and attitudes, NOT correct them.

All are welcome to collaborate and participate. Let's bring the campaign to kids, families and schools in your community!

The Mission 
Have one million kids own, read and experience a Sammy's Big Dream Book by the end of 2020! We want kids to develop great money habits at an early age so they can have better and brighter futures! 

Schedule a Dream Big Read

Contact us now to schedule a Dream Big Read in your community!