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Free Financial Education Experiences for Kids

by Team Sammy

Free Financial Education Experiences for Kids from Sammy Rabbit and Friends (Financial Education Partners)

Sammy Rabbit wants to make certain quality financial education experiences and resources are available to anyone who wants its!

Let the learning, fun and financial empowerment begin!

Author Readings

Award winning children's author, songwriter and financial educator Sam X Renick reads It's a Habit, Sammy Rabbit and Sammy's Big Dream!

It's a Habit, Sammy Rabbit! Perfect for kids ages 5+.

Find free classroom lesson ideas for It's a Habit Sammy Rabbit here!

Sammy's Big Dream! Perfect for kids ages 7+.

Receive free activities for Sammy's Big Dream from Sammy Partners. Contact us for a Partner near you.

Stories: All Star Reader Leader Program

Sammy Rabbit All Star Reader Leaders from around the world read their children storybooks that share important personal finance concepts and principles.

In this reading, Krista Cavalieri of Columbus Ohio read The Berenstain Bears Dollars and Sense.

At the end of each reading, All Star Reader Leaders share with listeners what they consider to be the most important money lessons in the book.

Find more All Star Readings here.

Get activities for All Star Readings by becoming a member of the Money School!


Sammy Songs on great money habits and critical life skills are a wonderful way to bring energy, engagement, education and joy to financial literacy experiences and workshops for kids of all ages.

The styles of music are vast and varied. The song titles and lyrics cover a wide array of personal finance concepts from saving to earning to spending to dreaming big and beyond. Enjoy!

Find more Sammy Songs here.

Receive free activities for 14 of Sammy's Songs from Sammy Partners. Contact us for a Partner near you.

Get more activities for Sammy songs by becoming a member of the Money School!

Decode and Sing Episodes and Challenges

Decode and Sing Episodes provide viewers insights on Sammy songs and money messages from Sammy Rabbit creator, children's author Sam X Renick and guests.

Find more Decode and Sing Episodes here (as we post them).

Get activities for Decode and Sing Episodes by becoming a member of the Money School!

Vocabulary and Funny Money Challenges

Funny and Sunny Money Sentences Challenges are an innovative and fun new way from Sammy Rabbit to build kids money mindsets and personal finance vocabularies.

Find more Funny Money Sentences Challenges here (as we post them).

Get activities for Funny Money Sentences Challenges by becoming a member of the Money School!

Support Sammy and His Mission

One of the best ways to support Sammy and his mission is to enroll a child or group of children in the Money School!

This will keep kids learning and growing in money knowledge and it will support Sammy in sustaining and advancing his mission.

7-24 Online Learning. Transformational Growth. Hundreds of Activities.
Enroll 1 Child, Class or School Today!

Enroll 1 child for 1 year $12

For group discounts contact us.

For additional ways to support Sammy Rabbit and his mission see our Financial Education Menu or contact us! Thank you!


Website and Email

If you have questions, suggestions, or would like learn more about Sammy Rabbit and his mission to teach kids great money habits and other important life skills, contact us!

AND, if you would like more free financial education experiences contact us as well!

CLICK to contact Sammy via our website contact form;

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More Free Resources and Experiences from Sammy Partners

Also contact us if you would like more free Sammy Rabbit financial education resources and experiences from a Sammy Partner!

A Little About Sammy and His Mission

Making it easy for parents, teachers, trainers, and community leaders to talk to and teach children of all ages develop great money habits and how to effectively manage their money is what Sammy Rabbit is all about.

His aim is to bring more financial wellness into the lives of kids, families and communities so they are more able to lead more self-sufficient, secure, stable, giving and fulfilling lives!

Have a Sammyriffic day!