All Star Reader Krista Cavalieri, CFP®, Mom of Three

Krista Cavalieri, CFP®, mom of three from Columbus, Ohio reads the Berenstain Bears: Dollars and Sense as part of Sammy Rabbit’s New Special Guest All Star Reader Program!

We are reinventing financial literacy education. Be a part of it!

Take a peek at what is coming and some of the first programs we have in development at Sammy Rabbit’s Money School!

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Join the purpose filled reading fun.
Be a Sammy Rabbit, Special Guest All Star Reader!

There is lots of fun and purpose filled family financial education coming your way. Woohoo!

There are lots of ways to contribute and collaborate. One way is TO BE a Special Guest Sammy Rabbit All Star Reader!

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Here are a few of the Special Guest All Star Readers the Money School will be featuring soon:

Ana Trujillo Limon

Editor in Chief – Financial Planning Association to read a few chapters of: Amelia Bedelia Means Business

Andy Niser

Student leader to read: Lemonade for Sale

Lynn Demmons

Author Financial Confidence to read: Money, Money Honey Bunny

Jamie Bosse

CFP®, mom and author to read: Milton the Money Savvy Pup

Tony Steuer

Financial Preparedness Advocate to read: One Cent, Two Cents, New Cent, Old Cent

Linda Lipovetsky and Son

ChFC®, RICP®, CLTC® and mom to read: Isabel’s Car Wash

John Mennell

MagLiteracy dot org founder to read: Pigs Will Be Pigs

We love to champion reading!

Championing and build reading skills is a HUGE part of Sammy Rabbit’s financial literacy education strategy.

It has been from day one, 2001. It is why we started with the storybook, It’s a Habit, Sammy Rabbit!

And it is why we have made reading and writing activities such a significant and prioritized part of co-branded Learn with Sammy Resource Hubs!

Here are some of the reading centric financial literacy initiatives we have architected and collaborated on over the last 20+ years!

Collaboration with Economics Arkansas, Garrett Planning Network & Arkansas Bankers Association
Collaboration with Wisconsin Bankers Foundation
Collaboration with Weingart East Los Angeles YMCA, Freda Berlinski Foundation and Lemonade Day (Holthouse Foundation for Kids)

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