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Financial Education for Kids and Families

by Team Sammy


Welcome to your global authority and leader in early age, youth and family financial literacy education for 23 years and going!

Whether you are a parent, teacher, community leader, or enterprise interested in educating and empowering individuals through personal finance we welcome you.

We invite you to explore the engaging and effective approach to financial literacy education that Sammy Rabbit offers. We provide an array of tools and services that make if easy and fun to teach and talk about money with anyone.

So, start your exploration by checking out the videos here. Then, roam the website. And, do not hesitate to:

  • explore our range of free and budget-friendly premium memberships in Sammy Rabbit's Money School; and/or

  • contact us with your questions.

Let's empower kids, families, and communities to enhance their personal finance knowledge and skills, ensuring everyone can lead safe, secure, and independent lives!

Your friends at!

What Engaging Financial Education Looks Like!

Services and Products

  • Online Money School! Learn more about our free and budget friendly memberships.

  • Financial education experiences - Live, "In Personr" or Virtual

    • Author led or author and costume character

    • Experiences for all ages and audiences

  • Train the Trainer Workshops for students, parents, teachers, community instructors

  • License and co-brand Sammy content and curriculum

  • Community Outreach Programs

    • For High School and College Students

  • Awareness and Marketing Campaigns

    • We support you elevating your personal and brand exposure

  • Speaking

  • Independent contracting and consulting

    • We will design and/or advise on your financial literacy education strategies


  • Activity and Story Books

    • Ages 3+

      • Sammy Says Series: Sammy Says Save | Earn | Spend Smart | Give Wisely

    • Ages 5+

      • It's a Habit Sammy Rabbit Activity and Story Books

      • Saving is a Great Habit Coloring Activity Book

    • Ages 7+

      • Sammy's Big Dream Activity and Story Books

More on Sammy's Award Winning Approach

Contact us to learn more about any or all of the following:

How you can ...

lead financial education experiences like the two immediately below!

How you can ...

license and offer your own custom Sammy kids and money webpage and resources!

How you can...

learn, train, and consult the best in the field and grow your impact!

How you can...

lead and/or orchestra financial literacy education projects for teens and college students!

Contact us today ...

to start growing the good in your community and network!