Celebrating America and Military Saves Week 2021, Part 1

Celebrating America and Military Saves Week 2021

It is America and Military Saves Week! Woohoo!

To celebrate and raise awareness on the importance of getting in the habit of saving, investing, paying yourself first and spending less than you earn, we’re going to feature some of our favorite “saving” stories throughout the week.

Louis Barajas, Author, Avid Reader, MBA, CFP®, EA

Sam X Renick: What is the most important money habit you learned as a child? Briefly share the story of how you learned the habit and what impact it has had on you throughout your life.

Louis Barajas: My parents saved all their change in five-gallon water bottles, which would get so heavy that we couldn’t lift them. Once a bottle was filled, our family would tip it over and put the pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters in paper coin holders and take them to the bank.

As a side note, BIG Sammy Rabbit gratitude to Louis. He was one of the first people to believe in and champion the Sammy mission to provide early age, youth and family financial literacy education. He opened doors for Sammy, lead a Dream Big Read at his elementary school, volunteered to speak to high school students and has provided wise counsel throughout the journey!

Discover more about Louis and his passion for financial literacy education on his website: LouisBarajas.com

Paul Merriman, Founder, Author, Educator at The Merriman Financial Education Foundation

Inspiring email from Paul who shares a message from his daughter regarding his grandson: “…Johnny is OBSESSED with those (Sammy Rabbit) CDs now. We’ve had to listen to them at every waking moment…

Quote from Paul: “It is crucial kids learn about money early and harness the power of compound interest to secure their futures. Sammy Rabbit makes it easy to get them started. My grandson loves the songs and stories.”

A Favorite Article from Paul: Make Your Kid Rich for $1 a Day!

Discover more about Paul and his passion for financial literacy education on his website: PaulMerriman.com

Bobbi Olson, Budget Coach & Host of “CentsAble Chat” Podcast

Question: Tell us about your first experience earning money? How old were you? What type of a job was it? How much did you earn? What did you do with the money? What did you learn?

Bobbi: I was 9 when my obsession with Duran Duran began – too young to go to their concerts. By the time I was old enough, they’d broken up. But I had faith! One day, they were going to reunite – and when they did, I wanted to have enough money to pay for a concert ticket – I knew what the answer would be if I asked my mom for the money! So I started babysitting when I was 12 and saved every dime. I called the concert hotline every day, hoping they’d be listed…a year later, my dream came true! The date was set and I’d saved enough to buy tickets for me and my best friend, with enough left over to buy a t-shirt, program, whatever I wanted! I don’t remember how much I earned – probably between $50 and $100. 

Discover more about Bobbi and her passion for budgeting education on his website: CentsableChat.com

A Favorite Saving Focused Initiative. Leslie Girone, Money Smart 101 Founder, pictured!

Read more saving stories and memories. See who and read the wonderful stories featured in Part 2.

Stay tuned. We will continue to celebrate and raise awareness for early age, youth and family financial literacy during Global Money Week 2021 – March 22 thru 28.

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