Millennial Rose Bencosme Shares Her 1st Money Memory

Rosseline “Rose” Bencosme is one of the outstanding and inspiring young financial leaders I have had the opportunity and pleasure to meet through LinkedIn.

We followed up our connection with a Sammyriffic Zoom conversation. It rapidly became apparent during the exchange how much passion and insight Rose has to offer on the topic.

It is an honor to introduce her to the Sammy audience and have her share her first childhood money memory! Now, in her own words, Rose Bencosme.

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The Big Banking Crisis

My first childhood money memory was back when the recession hit us all in 2008. I was still in Middle School. So, I didn’t know what was going on. All I remember beforehand, was seeing “For Sale” signs all over neighborhoods, including mine.

Though I didn’t know much about what was going on, I knew my family was struggling as well. My parents owned their own business. Since 1993, they have been in the culinary industry as food truck and restaurant owners. 

Being raised in an entrepreneurial family, it seemed to me I always saw money differently than kids whose parents collected a W-2. I was always mindful of the value of money and how it impacted people.

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One Specific Day

I still remember one specific day vividly. My parents sat me down and explained to me we were going to sell the house. They were scared to tell me. The house we were living in, and still live in, was my childhood home. Most of my childhood memories were in this home including getting to choose my own bedroom.

Being the observant child that I was, I didn’t really react with sadness. I thought more of what life will look like without our home? That day changed me forever. That one event opened the financial literacy world to me. It inspired me to put my needs before my wants. It ignited a journey of personal finance wonders that have helped make my life better, and that I look forward to sharing with the rest of the world.

That is my first and most memorable childhood money memory.

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