Digital Deluxe Story Set


Sammy‚Äôs Big Dream “Digital” Deluxe Story Set provides learners SIX (6) ways and 110 activities to learn about great money habits and experience the story.

It’s part of Sammy’s Big Dream “Digital” Financial Literacy Curriculum

Readers will learn about saving money, earning money, working hard, setting goals, planning, spending smart, giving and more!

It is the perfect financial literacy education resource for distance and in person learning. You can even listen to an audio version of the story in a car OR anywhere for that matter!

The curriculum is easy to use, engaging and effective.

It is also versatile. It builds children’s money skills as well as their reading, writing, comprehension, critical thinking and choice making skills!

Like all Sammy Rabbit education materials, the “Digital” Deluxe Story Set stresses “habit” formation. We believe great money habits are the foundation to greater financial preparedness, security, stability and freedom.

The strategic resource gives learners multiple methods and opportunities to grasp and master concepts.

It provides parents, teachers and trainers with a wide array of options to attract kids to the subject matter, teach lessons and reinforce personal finance principles.

And, the resource can be supplemented in a variety of ways. It can be augmented with Sammy’s Dream Big Story Program, Sammy music and/or your own lesson plans.

Here is a review of the SIX (6) experiences Sammy’s Big Dream “Digital” Deluxe Story Set offers.


Download and print Section 1 of the Deluxe Story Set – Read and Color the Story: Pages 6-31.

Have learners:

(1) Read the story. (Experience 1)

(2) Color the story. (Experience 2)

(3) While coloring, listen to the audio version of the story. Or, just have learners listen to the audio version of the story (Experience 3).

While listening to the story have learners “predict chapter” titles. This is a unique feature of the resource. Predicting helps children build better comprehension skills.


While coloring or independent of coloring, learners may also listen to Sammy Rabbit’s Dream Big Money Music Channel.

Sammy music can be found on YouTube, Spotify or Apple. They are all FREE.

Experience Four

Download and print Section 2 of the resource – Story Quiz & Review: Pages 35-66.

This section of the resource provides 31 activities to test, measure and assess what kids are learning.

It includes writing, multiple choice questions, fill in the blanks, solving hidden message puzzles, coloring, tracing, word searches, criss-cross, and the Dream Big Pledge.

Experience Five

For parents and teachers who want to build kids writing and vocabulary skills, download and print section 3 of the resource – Write the Story: Pages 69-94.

Experience Six

For kids who like to draw, download and print section 4 of the resource – Illustrate the Story: Pages 97-122.

What Kids Will Learn!

Here is a summary of what kids will learn:

(1) Earning and saving money are great habits!

(2) Big dreams can come true with hard work and the support of others.

(3) To give their best effort and not give up to easily.

(4) Setting goals and written plans help make dreams come true.

(5) Spending smart, making sacrifices, and focusing our energy and attention gives us a better chance to get what we want.

(6) Giving and helping others is a great habit!

(7) Lots of personal finance, goal-setting and planning language!

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