9 Module Digital Story Program on Money Habits


Sammy’s Big Dream Digital Story Program teaches money habits and more to kids ages 7 and above.

It is an excellent financial literacy education learning resource to supplement Sammy’s Big Dream Deluxe Story Set!

It makes an outstanding addition to anyone and everyone’s website or social media education and outreach programs. AND, the resources come with special rights that include the right to copy, print and give away the materials, with or without your co-branding!

The Program consists of 9 modules and 31 (co-branded) activities. It gives children additional ways to grow their personal finance knowledge, skills, capabilities and confidence.

Modules may be used independently or as part of a program. They may also be used to supplement other financial literacy education resources.

Like all Sammy Rabbit education materials, the Program stresses “habit” formation. We believe great money habits are the foundation to greater financial preparedness, security, stability and freedom.

Each module includes activities as well as recommendations on music to listen to from Sammy’s Dream Big Song Program.

Sammy’s Big Dream Digital Story Program teaches the following money habits and life skills.

In Module 1, learners read, review and discuss the story Sammy’s Big Dream!

The story’s main personal finance message is working hard, earning and saving money will better position and help make big dreams come true.

Learners will be given the opportunity and be encouraged to start their own Dream Big Journal.

Module 2 focuses on habits and why they are important.

Learners discover choosing the right habits give them a better chance of making their big dreams and goals come true.

Saving money, working hard, setting goals, planning, spending smart and giving wisely are all great habits.

Module 3 teaches learners to identify and get clear on their dreams.

Big dreams are important because they give us purpose and something to aim at that has meaning to us. They are the “why” that informs, motivates and shapes behavior toward a specific “end result.”

Big dreams are important because they are inspiring. They are not easy to accomplish. Thus, they challenge us to build skills, competence and confidence. They challenge us to discover who we are and what we are capable of doing.

Module 4 teaches learners setting goals will help them make their dreams come true. It shares with learners goals help us define what to do and when.

Module 5 teaches learners that putting our plans in writing helps us and others to think more clearly and effectively about the strategies and steps that will be needed to make our dreams and goals come true.

Module 6 teaches learners making saving a habit better prepares us to respond to emergencies and opportunities, like the chance to make a dream come true. Being prepared makes us strong!

Module 7 teaches learners earning money is fun and there are lots of ways to do it!

Module 8 teaches learners to spend smart and that spending smart means spending less than you earn and receive.

Module 9 teaches learners that giving wisely is a great habit. It helps and makes others feel good. It makes us feel good.

Program Curriculum

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The curriculum may be purchased as part of Sammy’s Dream Big Instructor Kit! The “Instructor Kit” consists of :

(1) Sammy’s Big Dream Deluxe Story Set!

(2) Sammy’s Dream Big Story Program

The “Instructor Kit” comes in two versions:

(1) Standard Instructor Kit

(2) Co-Branded Instructor Kit

Best Practices

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