Best Practices: Co-Branded Financial Literacy Education Partners

Financial Literacy Education Partners Receive Unique and Versatile Digital Resources

Here are links to best practices from some of Sammy Rabbit’s Dream Big Digital Co-Brand Financial Literacy Education Partners! 

Add your name to the list. Change and empower lives with Sammy. Become a Sammy Rabbit Dream Big Financial Literacy Education partner today!

Examples of Financial Literacy Education Partner Best Practices

Money Smart 101 | Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Garrett Planning Network | Eureka Springs, Arkansas

Rooted Planning Group | Corning, New York

Tan Wealth Management | Oakland, California

Tony Steuer, CLU | Alameda, California

Empower Yourself LTD | Boston, Massachusetts

Partner Webpage:

Educate and Empower

Educate and empower kids. In the process you will be educating and making the jobs of parents, grandparents, teachers and community leaders easier.

You can give Sammy’s digital resources to your community via your websites, e-newsletters, blogs, social media posts, etc. AND, as a partner, you also receive the right to print and give away the resources.

Critical Distinctions and Features of the Resources

Here are five features that make Sammy resources unique.

(1) The resources stress “habit” formation. They emphasize making habits of successful financial behaviors. Saving is a great habit. Goal-setting is a great habit. Earning is a great habit. Spending smart is a great habit. Giving wisely is a great habit!

(2) The resources use a variety of strategies to impart knowledge and build skills: reading, writing, coloring, puzzle solving, listening, music, arts and crafts.

(3) The resources grow multiple skills simultaneously: money, reading, writing, communication, critical thinking, planning, goal-setting, etc.

(4) The resources are co-branded. Wherever the resources go, your brand go to forever!

(5) You receive special rights that allow you to give away the assets electronically as well as copy them in unlimited quantities, forever!

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