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Big Ol' Dream - Song Activities
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10 fun activities for Sammy Rabbit's song Big Ol' Dream.

Kids can color, decode a secret message, and more.

The learning strategy is designed to engage, educate, and teach kids about dreaming big and establishing the right money habits so they are better prepared to make their big dreams come true.

This song and set of activities: (a) introduces kids to vocabulary and beginning concepts on planning and goal setting (b) inspires and asks kids to think about their dreams, their big dreams. Discovering dreams that are important to us, can help motivate us to take consistent actions toward achieving them.

Sammy Rabbit's Money School provides learners participating in our FREE membership program with 3 activities and those in our PREMIUM membership program with 10 activities.

Age Level
  • 7+
  • Dreams
  • Reading ,
  • Coloring ,
  • Writing ,
  • Vocabulary ,
  • Thinking ,
  • Comprehension
Big Ol' Dream - Song Activities
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