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What Really Matters - Kids and Money

by Team Sammy

What Really Matters

Parents, often contemplate, what they should leave behind for their children. While financial security is important, it is equally crucial to consider what we impart to them in terms of good money habits.

The adage holds true: "What truly matters is not what we pass down to our children, but rather what we instill within them."

By fostering a united family culture centered around responsible financial habits and behavior, parents can cultivate stability and establish a robust foundation for sustained and thriving success for generations to come.

In this blog, we will delve into the significance of teaching children about responsible financial behavior, equipping them with invaluable money habits and personal finance skills for a stable, secure and prosperous future.

4 Starting Teaching Tips Parents Can Use to Get Their Kids Money Smart

  1. Lead by Example

    Children may learn best through observation, so it is advantageous for parents to demonstrate responsible money management. By showcasing healthy financial habits, such as saving, budgeting, and avoiding excessive debt, we provide a strong foundation for our children to emulate.

    Do not strive to be perfect. Strive to give your best effort. Take small, even tiny steps daily. And, whether you are able to lead by example or not, at a minimum make certain you share with kids as frequently as possible simple, straight forward, time tested personal finance messages that help them build a healthy relationship with money. Make a habit of saving money. Spend smart. Budget. Invest regularly. Pay yourself first. Have compound interest work for you, not against you.

    For fun family learning be certain to listen to the Sammy Rabbit money song titled Show My Family the Way. It's main theme is to lead by example.

  2. Start Early

    Regardless of the age of your children, take charge of their basic financial education beginning today. It is never to early to start. And, today is always the best day to start.

    The early years are critical for instilling good money habits. Introduce basic personal finance language and money concepts to your children as you determine appropriate.

    Learning begins with langauge, sounds and sight.

    Have a family savings jar. Deposit to it regularly. Make sure all your kids, but especially your babies and young kids, see you putting money into the jar. Make sure they also hear you talk positively and joyfully about that savings. "I am depositing a penny into our family savings. Oh yes!" Give kids the opportunity to hear the words. Give kids the opportunity to see the atttitudes and feelings you associate with planning, preparing, and purposefully shaping your family's future.

    To infuse added joy to the education process, listen the Sammy Rabbit money song titled: S-A-V-E. The hand clapping, toe-tapping tune is infectious.

    And, if you have not already, parents want to read these articles:

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  3. Foster an Earning and Entrepreneurial Spirit

    Encouraging an earning and entrepreneurial mindset in children can empower them with valuable skills for financial success. It will help kids: (a) learn not to expect something for nothing (b) identify their passions and interests and inspire them to explore ways to turn them into potential income streams.

    Whether it's starting a lemonade stand, having a yard sale, estabilishing a small business, freelancing, or pursuing other creative endeavors, nurturing their earning and entrepreneurial spirit instills a sense of independence and financial resourcefulness. It also builds esteem, confidence, and a "can do attitude."

    The following Sammy Rabbit money songs are fantastic listens on the topic: Sammy Lemonade Stand and No Free Rides

Concluding Thoughts

While leaving a financial inheritance for children may be a desirable goal, it is what parents instill within them that really matters.

By teaching children responsible money habits and management, parents:

  • equip kids with invaluable skills that can positively impact their lives

  • provide the family unit with the security, stability, and freedom to pursue their goals and dreams without the burden of financial stress.

  • strengthen the financial wellness, well-being and prosperity of the family

  • fortify family bonds!

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