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United Way San Luis Obispo County Dreams Big with Sammy Rabbit

by Team Sammy

Let's End Financial Illiteracy

United Way San Luis Obispo County's new Sammy Rabbit Dream Big Financial Education is off to a wonderful and Sammyriffic start!

Let's take a look at four important first steps they have executed in less than six weeks to do it - to make financial education more available and accessible to children, families and communities.

(1) Awareness

Oh Yeh. It Is On!

Sammy Rabbit and author Sam X Renick meet with United Way CEOs Rick London and Eddie Turner of San Luis Obispo and Northern Santa Barbara County to celebrate the launch of early age financial literacy education programs in each community.

This picture is taken in front of Olga Reed Elementary School in Los Alamos California. It will be the site of the first pilot test.

Free Resources Available Today!

Take a listen.

United Way San Luis Obispo County created the short public awareness announcement above to begin getting the word out - financial literacy education is available to families and communities today.

This is a vital step in creating increased financial stability, security, wellness, capability and freedom.

Many people and organizations are not aware of the financial literacy education resources that are available today, this very minute, that can initiate the process of eliminating financial illiteracy, where it takes root, in the heads and hearts of young children.

(2) Access

United Way San Luis Obispo County is providing prominent and prioritized "one click" access to its Sammy Rabbit Dream Financial Education resources.

This demonstrates the strength of their commitment to financial stability.

It makes tools easy to access for those who want to immediately begin educating and building kids personal finance knowledge, habits, skills and attitudes.

(3) Availability

United Way San Luis Obispo County's collaboration with Sammy Rabbit makes a treasure trove of easy to use tools available and accessible to engage every style of learner.

The tools include stories, songs, writing and illustrating activities, coloring, word searches, puzzles and more. They not only fill a typically dull and daunting topic with fun, joy, and laughter, they also build reading, writing, critical thinking and goal setting skills in addition to great money habits and attitudes.

(4) Compounding the Impact

United Way San Luis Obispo County is developing and executing a strategy to compound the impact - to systematically seed and grow financial stability for generations.

It is doing it by spreading the word amongst colleagues and like-minded enterprises and individuals.

The strategy is taking root. A first collaboration to "compound the impact" has been formed with neighboring Northern Santa Barbara County United Way.

See a Sammy Program in Action!

Stay Tuned

What we have learned from past experiences is collaborations can be a powerful and compounding source of positive change and impact.

Stay tuned. We look forward to growing our collective impact and helping kids and families build more financial stability, security and freedom in their lives.

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Also see Sammy's collaboration with Northern Santa Barbara County United Way!

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