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The Most Engaging and Effective 2.5 Minutes in Financial Literacy Education!

by Team Sammy

The Right Resources and Strategy Change Everything

The right strategy and resources change everything regardless of whether you are a student, parent, teacher, or trainer.

Sammy Rabbit's song 'Get in the Habit' has proven repeatedly it is a "right" resource for educating, empowering, and inspiring kids to save money.

Check out these short videos below and join the fun! Watch as first, second, and third graders, along with trainers and teachers from around the world, enjoy learning about money while singing "Get in the Habit!"

This magical song and its lyrics represent the pinnacle of engaging and effective financial literacy education.

In just two and a half minutes, the toe-tapping tune embodies the current best practices in financial literacy education, making it a powerful tool for teaching. Best of all, this song is readily available to everyone today, offering a starting point for transforming children's lives worldwide.

Find our contact information, beneath the videos. Let's connect and explore how you can introduce this and other Sammyriffic resources to kids and families in your communities and networks!

Resources and Recommend Reading

Collaborate with Sammy Rabbit to Advance Kids and Families Financial Literacy Levels

Let's collaborate to get kids, families, and communities advancing their financial literacy knowledge, habits, and skills. Here are a couple of ideas on how you can help and we can work together.

  1. Give custom, co-branded Sammy Rabbit story and activity books to kids in your local community!

  2. Collaborate and partner with Sammy on "1" project in 2024: See a Menu of Ideas or suggest your own.

Contact us to explore more options and support Sammy's mission.

Thank you. Have a #Sammyriffic day!