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Managing Overwhelm: Harnessing the Power of Lists

by Team Sammy

Guest Blogger Leven Thomas

In this special guest blog, Sammy Rabbit is thrilled to showcase Leven Thomas, a remarkable young individual hailing from Kansas City. She graciously offers us a glimpse into her life and some tips that can help all of us. But first, a little about Leven from Leven.

Hi! I’m Leven Thomas!

I work for Sammy Rabbit and Impact Communications as a Marketing Intern, a part-time employee at The Farmers House, and a Babysitter.

I’m new to the world of finance, and I’ve been fortunate to learn from some very knowledgeable experts in the industry.

In my free time, I enjoy writing, listening to music, and attending concerts. I have an interest in mental health and psychology. I hope you enjoy my column!

Managing Overwhelm: Harnessing the Power of Lists!

We have all heard the saying, "The hardest part is getting started." As someone with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder,) this has been a consistently overwhelming and sometimes paralyzing truth. Nevertheless, I've discovered employing personalized systems tailored to my needs has been incredibly helpful in managing this obstacle.

Unique Brains

Although there is no exact formula or one-size-fits-all solution for this very common challenge, I have learned some valuable methods to conquer it. Before I share what works for me, it is essential to acknowledge every individual has a unique brain with different struggles and solutions. In my experience, incorporating advice from others and molding them to meet one's individual requirements works optimally.

My Solution

To manage overwhelm and start and complete projects successfully, I create lists.

Studies confirm the use of lists can limit and often eliminate overwhelming feelings caused by pending tasks. The most effective lists are usually handwritten. Once the steps to accomplish a project are put in writing, they become externalized. This reduces the stress caused by the simple act of remembering something you need to begin. Additionally, visualizing the steps necessary to complete a goal can make the process seem more digestible. 

I recommend creating separate lists to not stifle yourself by looking at every item in one place. Creating categories such as work, household, or non-negotiables are all ways to organize tasks. 

Next, determine the best approach and schedule for each project. I find giving myself a block of time to work on something is beneficial. For example, I dedicated two hours to writing this blog post today. And if I need more time, I allot it to myself. 

Once you have created a step-by-step list and plan, starting and reaching goals becomes much more manageable. 

 A "to-do" list not only gives you a structured approach to achieving success, but also the satisfaction of checking off each item. Completing small, mundane, or difficult jobs can be far more gratifying with a list. You can even give yourself a healthy incentive for completing specific tasks, such as a snack, a walk outside, or an episode of your favorite show. This can increase your fulfillment and motivate you to get things done.

Yes, You Can Do It Too

Remember, you possess the most comprehensive understanding of your own mind. By effectively utilizing lists to minimize and manage overwhelming situations, you can significantly enhance your ability to accomplish tasks successfully. Although the idea of adapting and positioning yourself for success may seem daunting at first, creating a well-thought-out list and plan can make it much more manageable than you might expect.

9 Ways Lists Have Powers

Do you find lists beneficial?

Here are nine powers lists possess that can benefit us all. Lists:

  1. Reduce overwhelm, stress, and anxiety by providing a clear roadmap of small steps that offer greater control over tasks and responsibilities.

  2. Boost efficiency and make it easier to manage time and resources effectively.

  3. Help us maintain focus on goals and tasks.

  4. Empower users to prioritize tasks, ensuring the most important and urgent matters receive proper attention.

  5. Act as a super memory aid, offloading mental burdens and freeing up cognitive resources for other essential activities.

  6. Serve as a motivating force by providing a visual representation of progress and accomplishments. 

  7. Help in making informed decisions, as it enables users to consider all relevant factors and potential actions in an organized manner.

  8. Provide the opportunity to break tasks and projects into small, manageable steps.

  9. Can help hold users accountable for their tasks and commitments, fostering a sense of responsibility and discipline.

Discover more about our featured Guest Blogger

To learn more about Leven, connect with her on LinkedIn: Leven Thomas

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