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Katherine "Tyeshia" Chatmon Talks Kids and Money with Sammy Rabbit

by Team Sammy

We had a Sammyriffic Childhood Money Memory podcast and discussion recently with Katherine "Tyeshia" Chatmon financial wellness coach, financial literacy educator and entrepreneur.

Watch and enjoy the interview above.

Plus, below discover more about Katherine and a list of 12 Sammy Rabbit “Gold Karat” takeaways from the podcast!

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About Katherine "Tyeshia" Chatmon

Katherine is a paraplanner and financial wellness coach dedicated to assisting the working class.

While Katherine spends her days working at a boutique wealth management firm, she spends her evenings and weekends teaching families financial literacy in hopes of increasing their financial capability. 

During her graduate studies at Regent University, she recognized the need for sound, objective financial resources for working class Americans.

Oftentimes, the working class is wedged between making too much to qualify for governmental assistance programs, but often falling victim to predatory lending and cycles of debt.

There came the inspiration for her enterprise - Bridg3. Bridg3 Financial Boutique, LLC. It was created to educate and empower persons to make sound, financial decisions to build generational wealth while on the path to financial peace.

12 Sammy Rabbit Gold Karat Takeaways from Katherine Tyeshia Chatmon, Financial Wellness Coach and Entrepreneur

Listening Note: I refer to Katherine as Tyeshia through the interview!

(1) Tyeshia shares as a kid she was "big" cartoon and anime fan. So when she first started saving, her parents got her a "Pikachu" piggy bank!

Tyeshia would deposit money into the piggy bank just to hear it make the sound "peek-a, peek-a." It brought her lost of joy and thinking about the experience still brings her joy to this day!

In fact. Tyeshia is on the hunt to get another "Pikachu" piggy bank!

(2) Tyeshia notes that she still saves change as an adult, but does not do it with physical coins. She saves change using her debit card.

She uses it everywhere and is found of the "Acorns" app that "rounds up" the change you save and invests it for you! The Acorns app serves as her "virtual piggy bank!"

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(3) Tyeshia indicates that she is "cashless" to a degree. She shares it is probably safer to use cards than cash.

(4) When asked whether or not it might be more difficult to teach kids about without using cash, Tyeshia responds it really depends on a person's preference.

She adds a good place to start a conversation with a young teenage person on personal finance is with budgeting.

Regardless of whether a person preference, their are a variety of ways to teach them about money, including "the envelope" system.

(5) Tyeshia recalls having her "Pikachu" piggy bank "forever" or a long time anyway, until the ear broke off.

(6) Tyeshia says she was definitely had a "saver" personality as a child. Her parents say she is "nitty" because Tyeshia does not like to spend money.

She would not describe herself a "hoarder" of money, but she definitely only spent on things she absolutely wanted.

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(7) As a teenager Tyeshia would trade in old games when buying new games to save money. She would work side jobs. She fondly looks back and states she began developing good financial habits very early in life.

One of things she would do back in the day to earn money was "burn" music CDs for people.

(8) Tyeshia credits her parents for instilling a good and healthy family financial culture around money. She believes her parents wanted to pass on to her personal finance concepts they wish they had learned at a much earlier age.

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(9) Tyeshia is busy studying to get her Certified Financial Planning designation. She thinks much what she learned while pursuing a Masters Degree in Financial Planning has led her to want to gain as much knowledge as she is able to in the field.

This training inspired her to think it would be great if every day, average people could have access to this same kind of personal finance knowledge.

(10) If Tyeshia could only teach a child one money habit, it would be to save early and save often!

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(10) On her website (link below), Tyeshia shares 5 steps to greater financial wellness and her financial coaching process.

Step One is "clarity." The site says:

The first step is to gain clarity where you are in your financial life. This is called a financial snapshot and we look at your income, savings, spending, debt, etc.

I would have to agree. Getting clear on where you and your finances stand today is an excellent first step in gaining more control over your financial wellness.

Be sure to check out the other fours steps on the Bridge3FinancialCoaching site.

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(11) Tyeshia see's her Bridge3 website as the "stepping stone" for the average person to gain access to resources and strategies to build financial security and freedom.

(12) Tyeshia advises that she did not receive personal finance education while in high school. She says perhaps there was one class where they were taught to write checks. She notes, it is ironic, because few people use checks these days.

She speculates there may even be a generation of kids who have no idea what a checkbook looks like.

That said, she thinks some personal finance should definitely be taught in school. Budgeting, saving and alternatives to college would make for a great start!

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Discover more about Katherine "Tyeshia". Visit her at:

She welcomes everyone to contact her!

Thank you Katherine "Tyeshia"!!!

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