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Funny Money Sentences Challenges! Featured Word #3: "Money"

by Team Sammy

Funny and Sunny Money Sentences Challenges! Featured Word #3: "Money"

Funny and Sunny Money Sentences Challenges are an innovative and fun new way from Sammy Rabbit to build kids money mindsets and personal finance vocabularies. We will be posting new words and challenges regularly.

Each featured word has three challenges: (1) Definition challenge (2) Funny money sentence challenge (3) Sunny money sentence challenge.

Take the challenges. Have your kids and students do the same.

Email us your responses. See contact information below. If your responses are Sammyriffic we will post them and credit you.

Let’s have fun together learning about money and sharing our knowledge with kids and families. Let’s grow and compound everyone’s financial literacy! As Sammy Rabbit's financial hero, Benjamin Franklin says:

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”

Challenge One. Definition

Define the word “money” as used in the sentence below in your words. Make your definition as simple as possible so it can be explained in a manner that a 3, 5 or 7 year old can understand AND share with others!!!

Money can make you more money when you save and invest it!

Here is one definition. Will a 3, 5 or 7 year old understand it? Can you improve on it?

Money: a medium of exchange often in the form of coins and banknotes

Challenge TwoA Funny Money Sentence

Make up a “funny” or silly sentence using the featured word “money.” Try to make it easy to remember. Can you do better than this one!!!

A buck for luck came to Chuck as part of the money he earned babysitting baby bunnies!

Challenge Three. A Sunny Money Sentence

Make up a sentence that includes the featured word “save” and the word “sunny.”

Every time I save money it is a sunny day!

The Money School: Sing. Dance. Learn about personal finance…
And how to make your big dreams come true!


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Join Sammy Rabbit’s Money School for more activities that build kids personal finance, reading, writing, and vocabulary skills.

Sammy Rabbit’s Money School!

8 Sammy's Sayings Money to Discuss with Kids


Saving and investing money are great habits!


Earning money is fun to do!


The more you learn, the more money you will probably earn!


When your money makes money compounding, it is "magic money!"


Having great money habits will help you make more dreams come true!


Save every time you earn or receive money!


Have a plan for your money!


Track your money and know where it is going!

Do you agree or disagree with Sammy's sayings above. Have your kids or students send Sammy a letter sharing their thoughts.


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Sammy recommends getting in the habit of reading and/or listening to stories daily for 20 to 30 minutes. Reading is a great and life transforming habit. It helps us in many aspects of life, including earning and managing our money.

Sammy also recommends kids parents, teachers, and trainers listen to this wonderful reading of the the story Money, Money, Honey Bunny by Sammy Rabbit All Star Reader Leader Lynn Demmons!