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Berenstain Bears Dollars and Sense: Favorite Money Sentence Challenge

by Team Sammy

Berenstain Bears Dollars and Sense: Favorite Money Sentence Challenge

Take a listen to Sammy Rabbit Money School All Star Reader Leader Krista Cavalieri read the Berenstain Bears Dollars and Sense!

Then tell us: what is your favorite sentence from the book?

Sammy's Favorite Sentences

Here are some of Sammy Rabbit's favorite sentences from the book.

Cubs like their own money - their own dollars and cents. But to spend it or save it - what makes the most sense?

But by keeping their eyes and ears open at the supermarket, the hardware store, and the clothing store, they soon learned that you could do a lot more with money than just play with it.

It's up to us (mama and papa) to teach them how to manage money.

Our checkbook helps Papa and me manage our money. It gives us a chance to think about how we should spend it...

She (sister) decided to save her first week's allowance and buy the Bearbie wedding dress with her week's allowance so she would have ten dollars left. Now, that's what I call money managing...

Sammy Rabbit Says

Sammy Rabbit believes in the power of habits and says: "Reading is a great habit! And, it is also a wonderful way to grow and compound our money knowledge!"

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