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A Parent's Guide and Map to Money Talks with Kids, Question 5

by Team Sammy

Today's Question

Have a money talk with kids today, January 18, 2024.

Today's question might be something like:

  • How much money do you think you will earn or receive this year?

Build the Conversation With These 8 Questions

If your child or children engage with today's question, below are eight follow-up questions a parent might ask their child. Revise or rephrase the questions as you determine appropriate.

  1. Where do think the money will come from - birthday gift, allowance, recycling, etc.? OR,
    can you provide a written list of the sources from which you anticipate receiving money this year?

  2. Is there something specific you want to save for or buy?

  3. How might you decide between spending money on something you really want now and saving for something bigger in the future?

  4. Do you have thoughts on some fun or creative ways you might earn money?

  5. How much of what you earn or receive do you think you should save?

  6. If you were to set a savings goal, what would it be, and how would you plan to reach it?

  7. Would you be willing use part of the money to give to and help others?

  8. Do you believe that planning in advance for how you intend to use the money you earn and receive this year would help you make better money choices?

Summary of Prior Questions

Q1 - Have you set a savings goal for 2024? (NOTE: LinkedIn Post)

Q2 - If you were to save $500 this year, how would you do it? (Insert your own number)

Q3 - How often do you think you should make deposits to your piggy bank or savings account to stay on track to reach your savings goal?

Q4 - How is everything going with your 2024 savings goal?

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Your Suggestions

We value your input! Join us in sparking conversations about money among kids, families, and communities, fostering the growth of personal finance knowledge and skills. Whether you're starting or continuing, today is a Sammyriffic day to dive in and HOP the TALK AHEAD!