Funny Money Sentences Challenges! Featured Word #2: “Earn”

Funny and Sunny Money Sentences Challenges! Featured Word #2: “Earn

Funny and Sunny Money Sentences Challenges are an innovative and fun new way from Sammy Rabbit to build kids money mindsets and personal finance vocabularies. We will be posting new words and challenges regularly.

Each featured word has three challenges: (1) Definition challenge (2) Funny money sentence challenge (3) Sunny money sentence challenge.

Take the challenges. Have your kids and students do the same.

Email us your responses. See contact information below. If your responses are Sammyriffic we will post them and credit you.

Let’s have fun together learning about money and sharing our knowledge with kids and families. Let’s grow and compound everyone’s financial literacy! As Sammy Rabbit’s financial hero, Benjamin Franklin says:

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”

Challenge One. Definition

Define the word “earn” as used in the sentence below in your words. Make your definition as simple as possible so it can be explained in a manner that a 3, 5 or 7 year old can understand AND share with others!!!

It is important to earn money!

Here is one definition. Will a 3, 5 or 7 year old understand it? Can you improve on it?

Earn: to work for

Challenge TwoA Funny Sentence

Make up a “funny” or silly sentence using the featured word “save.” Try to make it easy to remember. Can you improve on this one!!!

I earn extra money to pay for banana, broccoli and jalapeno sandwiches!

Challenge Three. A Sunny Money Sentence

Make up a sentence that includes the featured word “save” and the word “sunny.”

I like to earn money whether it is a sunny or rainy day!

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10 Ideas to Discuss with Kids About Earning Money

What do you want kids to know about earning money? What should kids know about earning money?

Join Sammy creating a list of ideas and concepts on earning money for parents, teachers, and trainers to discuss with kids.

Send Sammy your discussion ideas. We will post them and credit you.

Below find a beginning list of 10 ideas to discuss with kids about earning money. And, find two Sammy songs that will bring more Sammyriffic energy to your conversations: Lemonade Stand and No Free Rides!


Earning money and developing a strong work ethic are great habits.


Make a habit of saving and investing money when you earn it; every time you get paid; whenever you earn or receive it.


Earning money gives us more choices. Earning money helps us get what we want and need, when we want and need it.


Earning money helps us create a better life that is more financially secure, stable and independent.


The more you learn, the more you will probably earn.


There is a difference between earning money and managing money.


You earn money, have your money earn money as well.


Earning money feels good. It builds our confidence and esteem.


Find ways to earn money you enjoy. Earning money can be fun to do. And when it is, it does not seem like work.


Earning money better positions us to not only help ourselves, but help others as well.

Reader Comments

Via Susan Doty: Executive Director, The Center for Economic Education and Financial Literacy at The University of Texas at Tyler

I want students to connect the dots between investing in themselves and earning income so that they understand developing valued skills is what enables them to have money they can choose to save or spend.


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Sammy recommends getting in the habit of reading and/or listening to stories daily for 20 to 30 minutes. Reading is a great and life transforming habit. It helps us in many aspects of life, including earning and managing our money.

Sammy also recommends kids parents, teachers, and trainers listen to this wonderful reading of the the story Isabel’s Car Wash by Sammy Rabbit All Star Reader Leader Linda Lipovetsky!

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