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According to its website, YouNancial is a financial literacy platform that empowers students through online lessons and activities covering key personal finance skills like budgeting, spending, and investing.

The site was created by San Jose State University students for students who “want” financial literacy education.

Go HERE to immediately check out and test out their 8 course program. OR, first read a little about the program below.


Last week I had a Sammyriffic conversation with Josh Fontanilla and Anthony Ng. I was also honored to be a guest on their Tip Jar podcast.

I strongly encourage you to connect with Josh and Anthony!

They are two “sharp cookies” as the saying goes.

They are beacons in the movement toward creating more competent conversation and resources in the financial literacy education space.

Should I say it? My opinion only! That said, I have a wealth of reasons to believe you will concur.

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We had a lively discussion on a variety of personal finance topics both on and off the air. I found the entire experience inspiring and invigorating.

We concluded with Josh promising to send me a short education piece he created for Unit 5 of the YouNancial financial literacy program on Investing. It’s titled: Don’t Get Duped by Get Rich Schemes.

Josh did exactly what he said he would do. I love that about him (and everyone who does the same).

I viewed it immediately. It was Sammyriffic. Decide for yourself: Click Here.

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Those are key reasons why I decided to give this blog priority and publish it immediately.

Here is another key reason.

Last week, in collaboration with Excite Credit Union, we executed a live, online, bilingual author storybook reading of Sammy’s Big Dream!

I invited Josh to attend.

Guess what? He did! I believe it was part of his preparation for the Tip Jar podcast we would be doing later in the week. You know what? I love that about him too. Preparation appears to be important to him.

After the reading was concluded, I received the following audio message from Josh.

Hey Sam! I hope you are having a Sammyriffic day! I just wanted to say thanks again for inviting me to the Sammy Rabbit reading that you had today. I found it very insightful and very fun. And I am really looking forward to having you on our podcast this Friday. Take care and see you soon Sam!

As you may imagine, that message made my day! Thank you Josh!

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Josh’s actions embody and brought to mind a Forbes article written by Amy Rees Anderson I recommend to all the young people and really everyone I come in contact with titled: What it Takes to Be a Great Employee: Parable of the Oranges.

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About the YouNancial Financial Literacy Education Program

The YouNancial program currently includes the following tutorials and courses:

Course Tutorial: Making Cents of Life | All Levels

Unit 1: Introduction to Finance | Beginners

Unit 2: Saving and Budgeting Needs/Wants | Beginner

Unit 3: Banking | Intermediate

Unit 4:Taxes | Intermediate

Unit 5: Investing | Expert

Unit 6: End of Life | Expert

Unit 7: The Other Side of Finance | All Levels

Kudos YouNancial!

NOTE: The entire program is free. It can be accessed by anyone, anywhere today who wants to get or increase their financial literacy education.

Additionally, San Jose State University’s provides a web page filled with financial literacy education resources. Read more below about it.

AND, if for any reason, one is not satisfied with YouNancial or the resources the University provides access to, do not hesitate to contact Sammy.

WHAT Sammy Rabbit wants every teen, college student, parent and adult to know is, there is an abundance of outstanding financial literacy education available this very moment. So, if you “want” access to competent financial literacy education, it is available, right now, this instant! And, yes, a lot of it can be accessed for free like the FDIC Money Smart program and the FINRA lesson plans and education videos.

Finally, KEEP IN MIND, not everyone likes their hamburgers from McDonald’s or even In N’ Out for that matter. Fortunately, like hamburgers, lots of viable options exist. Find one that satisfies your wants and needs!

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About San Jose State University

San Jose State University (SJSU) is in Northern, California and was the founding campus of the California State University system. It was established in 1857. The SJSU Team Nickname is the “Spartans.” Undergraduate enrollment is approximately 28,000. In-state tuition “after aid” is estimate at $15,000. The graduation rate is 62%. And the acceptance rate is 64%. Source: Wikipedia

SJSU a has a webpage dedicated to financial literacy on its site. It is provided by its Financial Aid and Scholarship Office.

Visitors will find information on banking, budgeting, credit, financial record keeping, identity theft, insurance, and payroll deductions.

Visitors will also find a list of resources to help them with careers, paying for college, student loans and more.

All of these financial literacy education resources are FREE!

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